Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pleasant bahu opposition’s subsequent round starts. Host informs its a tug of warf spherical, explains its guidelines and says there wil be 2 teams made, captains should choose chits from bowl and choose their crew. He publicizes gehna and swara as captains and asks them to pick out chits. Gehna choices chits and gets healthful hema and some other bahu. Swara gets 2 weak members. Swara alleges gehna of bribing committee members and getting a robust crew. Gehna denies. Swara insists to trade her group,

gehna agrees. Kusum walks to baa and attempts to provoke her saying gehna is selecing a strong team and can visit any extent to win. Baa says she knew gehna who turned into now not selfish but has changed due to wrong corporation. Kusum taunts that baa introduced up gehna, but gehna disobeyed her and supported krishna instead. Krishna joins tia to cheer up gehna. Gehna explains her method to her group. Swara asks hema to show her energy and pull gehna and make certain gehna loses. Recreation starts. Gehna recalls her method and slowly begins overpowering swara’s team. Kusum gets worried for swara and hits stone pebbles at gehna . Gehna feels pain, but starts pulling returned swara’s crew with her determines and wins the sport. Her group rejoices whilst swara’s team burns in jealousy.

Baa broadcasts gehna as winner of these days’s round and gives 1 factor to her. Host says gehna gained 2 points and swara 1 factor, she need to come on stage and give an explanation for her approach. Gehna gives credit for her group work and says with harmony, they are able to win the whole world; she learnt this strategy from her team and describes what anant and others taught her. Swara blames hema for their loss. Hema meets sagar who asks who despatched her right here. Hema says kanak. He asks her to head away. Hema says he isn’t always a terrorst however simply helped them, he shouldn’t speak towards kanak and let her help him get out of prison. Sagar shuts his ears. She walks away wondering he will not agree. He thinks if he should receive her provide or no longer.

Anant assessments gehna’s wriist sprain and is going to carry ice percent for her. Kusum assessments gehna’s wrist and applies balm on it displaying her conncer and tries to go away. Gehna holds her hand and thinks an entire world can change but no longer a mother, she knows maa loves her however doesn’t display it in the front of swara, she may want to have misplaced today to present happiness to maa, quickly maa will recognize her mistake and feel guilty. Kusum gets tensed wondering if gehna found out that she hit her wrist. Gehna says she knows she hit her wrist, today she got each victory and learning, etc.

Episode ends

Precap: gehna pleads baa to wipe the road in front of her room door and permit her in. Baa says gehna ruined her years of received dignity. Gehna attempts to wipe line. Baa stops and slaps her.


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