Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar finds out that anant has reached suman. He tells tia that he has planned a marvel for her with bhavani’s assist. He murmurs in bhavani’s ears that anant has reached suman, so she must orders velji to trap them there. Gehna asks anant to offer telephone to suman and explains suman that if she does incorrect or supports wrong, it will have an unfavourable have an effect on on her infant, and if she doesn’t forestall monster sagar now, he’s going to damage many different girls like suman. Suman is of the same opinion to help anant. Sagar thinks of taking tia out and insists her to feed him in his room. Gehna returns and forestalls him announcing she already advised its abshagun/inauspicious to meet a bride earlier than marriage, but sagar continues insisting. Tia agrees to accompany and tells gehna that she doesn’t have tons hopes from this marriage, so gehna want not fear.

Gehna receives concerned for anant and informs krishna that sagar located out approximately their plan and kidnapped anant through his aide velji. Krishna assures her to accept as true with kanhaji and desire anant is secure. Anant with suman speeds his vehicle far from velji and his goons. Goons forestall him and try to bodily harrass him, however anant overpowers them and speeds away with suman. Tia feeds sagar in his room. He continues his infantile performing. Krishna with gehna heads towards sagar’s room to alert tia in opposition to sagar and seeing a ceiling fan breaking and falling towards tia rushes and holds it injuring his palms. Circle of relatives gathers. Gehna receives concerned seeing krishna’s injured fingers.

Dashrath praises sagar that he have become a hero again via saving tia’s existence again. Tia (dumb as typical) blindly trusts him and thank you sagar for saving her lifestyles once more. Gehna tries to talk, however krishna stops her and says tia will no longer consider them now, so let us wait till anant brings suman and expose sagar’s truth. Anant brings suman domestic and informs gehna through phone. Gehna walks out and disguises disguises suman as a mehandi female and writes a message with a menhandi on her hand for tia. She takes suman to the mehandi venue and introduces her as jamnagar’s great mehandi fashion designer. Suman walks to tia and shows her hand to come and meet her outside. Tia walks out and meets suman, anant, gehna, and krishna.

Suman explains her how sagar betrayed her and made her pregnant. Sagar and bhavani watch hiding and grin. Tia yells at suman why didn’t she inform her before and got here just 2 days in the past, she is only a greedy girl who got here here with the aid of taking cash from anant who hates sagar from the start, etc. She yells at anant subsequent that she by no means anticipated he might stoop so low to fulfill his ego and she or he is ashamed of him, she cries that sagar stored her two times and even then he is in opposition to sagar. Gehna famous that krishna stored her, but (blind and dumb) tia yells that she is also mendacity below anant’s have an impact on and alleges even her that she being her bestfriend is trying to break her existence. She proclaims that some thing hints they are trying, she will now not fall for them and will marry sagar at any price.

Precap: sagar asks anant to bop on meri pyari beheniya song. Suman calls gehna and asks her to save tia from sagar as he goes to sell her to someone after marriage.


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