Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Desai family performs Janmastami pooja. Gehna implores Kanhaji that she is remaining before him in light of his gifts and Anant’s help. Anant figures he won’t ever leave her help. Radha Krishna’s cover flies and falls on them. They take a gander at one another. Baa says they are fortunate that Kanhaji favored them together. She offers shroud to Gehna and requests that Pankaj and Kanak swing Bal Gopal. Pankaj holds Kanak’s hand and swings Bal Gopal. Kanak believes Radhika’s down finished, presently her game will begin this evening, she is back. Gehna offers prasad to investigator. Investigator acclaims Gehna. Baa says her Gehna is incredible. Investigator leaves. Lobbyist Vimla says they will leave now and requests that Radhika go with them as Kanak reclaimed her objection. Radhika says she needs to converse with them and approaching them says they think everything is ordinary, however Kanak reclaimed grumbling under tension; she has proof to demonstrate that Kanak is being tormented and needs to remain here to accumulate more proof. Baa implores god to get them freed off Radhika. Vimla says in the wake of assessing entire circumstance, they concluded that Radhika will finish their multi week stay here and afterward give her last report. Anant inquires as to for what reason will she. Kanak says let her visit here and if something happens to her in multi week, their partner should assume the liability. Radhika concurs.

After at some point, Radhika goes into Kanak’s room and irately yells how could she is to save Gehna whom she abhorred most. Kanak cautions her to turn down the volume as she doesn’t care for boisterous voice; she utilized her to render retribution from Desais by placing her in fire, tossing crystal fixture on her, lastly attempting to kill her with genuine sword. Radhika anxiously turns around and says in case it was a genuine blade, she would have kicked the bucket at this point. Kanak shows her genuine blade. Radhika gets apprehensive and asks how could she get it. Kanak says it doesn’t make any difference, she ought to be grateful for saving her and not fail to remember that their shared adversary is Gehna Desai, so they ought to unitedly battle their foe. Radhika concurs.

Anant recalls guard advising that Sagar got away from prison and Gehna cutting Kanak, figures Gehna will get strained on the off chance that he illuminates her with regards to Sagar’s break, so he needs to discover Sagar alone. He gets a call from a man who takes steps to leave his mysterious venture assuming he needs to save his family. He says he is out of that project as of now. Call gets disengaged. He thinks how somebody realizes that he is didn’t find employment elsewhere yet. Gehna dreams of Anant meeting with a mishap, awakens stressed and goes to look through him. She sees Anant standing strained and thinks he is strained subsequent to losing employment. She strolls to Anant and says she realized he would be here and discovered him. He says she got him long back, what is she thinking. She says let us play a game and he needs to hold her finger. He holds her hand. She says she requested to hold her finger. He says interestingly spouse lost for holding wife’s hand.

Kanak meets Sagar and invites him. Sagar snickers and says Desais as boneheads to might suspect she saved Gehna, yet she caught her more. Kanak says she will rebuff entire Desai family this time. He asks how? She says its confidential and says this time Anant can’t save his family. He says Anant thinks himself as ingenious. He sasy let him suspect as much, she is prepared to acknowledge little loss for a major success. Radhika strolls to them applauding and says this quiet picture is making sound with battery Sagar, should she uncover Desai family that their senior bahu helped Sagar escape from prison. Sagar asks what will she get with this. Radhika says harmony. Kanak asks her expectation. Radhika says frenzy to obliterate Gehna and Anant. Sagar says they every one of the 3 join together, they can obliterate Gehna and Anant without any problem. Kanak says he is correct and on the off chance that they become a shut clench hand, it’s not possible for anyone to overcome them. Sagar says shut clench hand is of lakhs and open clench hand is of residue, what does she need. She warmly greets them. Kanak says now circumstance is sink or swim, it is possible that them or us. Sagar says we will be there, a fourth individual will go along with them soon. Kanak thinks next morning will bring another test for Anant and Gehna.

Precap: Gehna Gets into a taxi. Hooligans capture her.


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