Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar threatens his girlfriend suman to kill her and her complete own family if she comes again here. Gehna listening to a person near door rushes out and seeing suman moving into cab calls her. Suman seeing her speeds her cab away. Gehna thinks suman is surely associated with sagar. Anant questions about sagar in jamnagar. Inspector sees him and asks who’s he, he appears new here. Anant leaves. Gehna calls him and informs that suman had come here, she is pregnant with sagar’s toddler, sagar threatened suman and sent her away. He says there are many testimonies approximately suman and sagar and is going toward suman’s residence. A man catches him and asks who is he and whom he wants to meet. Anant says he’s sagar’s pal anthony gonzalves and to meet sagar. Guy says there are many sagars on the town. Anant says jamnagar’s tiger and dashrath’s son sagar. Man says only velji bhai can take him to sagar. Anant thinks who’s this velji bhai. On the opposite aspect, bhavani slaps sagar.

Sagar acts childish again. She closes door, warns to forestall appearing, and says she saw him threatening suman, why did he name her right here. He says he broke many locks with suman and now she is blackmailing him. She asks him to get rid off suman in any other case forget about tia. He says suman will never get out of jamnagar and calls velji bhai. Sagar reaches velji bhai’s den and says he’s sagar’s pal anathony gonzalves and heard lots about velji bhai through sagar. Velji bhai says he by no means heard approximately him. Tia rehearses a radha krishna play with krishna. Krishna teaches her to investigate his eyes and deliver dialogues. Gehna imagines the scene with anant and feels shy. Krishna tells tia let us rehearse again. Kanak watches that and tells sagar that it seems more actual than appearing and he have to be careful or will lose her. Sagar walks to tia and insists to accompany her. Gehna reminds that tia cannot meet him till marriage. He insists that he’s going to no longer have food else.

Gehna thinks she wishes to show sagar quickly. Sagar forcefully takes tia with him. Velji bhai asks anant how does he realize sagar as he never saw him before. Anant says he works in a filmy industry, therefore didn’t see him; he got here to fulfill suman. Velji bhai says he cannot as sagar called and knowledgeable that suman’s existence is in chance. Anant says he works as a frame shield in movie enterprise and on sagar’s order got here to shield suman. Gehna reminds tia that she had informed that she will be able to senses sagar’s mind through his eyes, she feels he’s great now and is fooling her. Tia yells at her that she is jealous of her and is appearing on anant’s order as anant never likes sagar on account that before, can’t she see sagar’s innocence, etc., and warns her that if she can’t be glad together with her happiness as a fine pal, she shouldn’t wreck it. Gehna thinks anant loves his sister immensely and is risking his life for her in jamnagar. Velji bhai’s goons drops anant outdoor suman’s residence. On the other side, dashrath tells sagar that he want not fear about his plan as each his mother and father are with him now to aid him.

Velji calls him and informs that he sent his buddy anthonly gonzalves to suman’s house. Sagar says he didn’t ship anybody. Gehna calls anant who informs that he’s status outdoor suman’s residence. Velji’s goons kidnap anant. Gehna receives involved for him and tells krishna that she feels something took place to him. Baa listening to that asks what passed off to anant. Krishna says he sneezed and gehna got worried for him. Baa relaxes and leaves. Velji’s goons take anant to him.

Precap: anant brings suman to tia. Tia doesn’t agree with suman’s plea and alleges anant that he is making an attempt to cancel her marriage with sagar as he is jealous of sagar on the grounds that the start.


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