Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Educator Kumar with Sagar takes Gehna to dam and says following a couple of moments, she will be the justification behind this entire city’s destroyal. Gehna asks how did this nation deal with him. He says this nation gave just contempt to him, his entire family passed on in a psychological oppressor assault. He then, at that point, giggles and inquires as to whether she figures he will say this, he bombs impacts for cash and can consume the entire world for cash.

Gehna inquires as to whether he will deceive his country for cash. He says she is deceiving the country by impacting this dam. He takes her close to burrow entryway and says she will enter burrow and when bomb impact, entire city will wrap up. Gehna cries that she will disappear from her family and Anant for all time. Sagar says in the event that she had acknowledged him, they would have been carrying on with a sumptuous life in Jamnagar, however Anant gave her an astonished passing. Gehna cautions him not to take Anant’s name with his grimy mouth, Anant gave her an honorable life and she will kick the bucket with poise, she doesn’t need to conceal her face like Sagar and wrongdoing doesn’t live for long. Kumar cautions her to stop her babbling.

Anant with commandos sheets helicopter and heads towards dam. Commando cautions him that he will shoot him on the off chance that he gets a smallest uncertainty on him. Anant says he will shoot fear mongers all things considered. At home, Baa cries stressed for Anant and Gehna. Krishna comforts her. Radhika thinks she is concerned distinctly for Anant and feels something wrong will occur. Gehna wearing bomb jackt heads towards burrow.

Kumar orders her to pick up the pace. Anant with commandos comes to approach dam and runs towards it. Gehna lifts tunel cover. Kumar requests that she stroll down the means till burrow end and impact herself. He yells at her to move quick. She moves toward burrow. He arranges all her moving and leaves with Sagar. Anant turns his leg while strolling. Gehna figures she will kick the bucket, yet won’t hurt the country and will change the course.

Sagar sees Gehna strolling inverse way and asks Kumar for what good reason did he spare Desais. Teacher says he tricked Gehna as he probably was aware she would do as such and henceforth sent her in resistance course, presently Gehna his heading towards city’s water pipeline and will impact it. Anant while strolling figures Gehna would be in burrow and in the event that he takes commandos there, they will think about Gehna as psychological oppressor,

so he needs to milead them and arrive at burrow alone. He deceives them and getaways. Commandos thinks they got a right news that Anant is a psychological militant and needs to impact burrow. Gehna strolls in burrow recollecting every one of the episodes occurred in her life and feels Anant is around her, she needed him to be close to her consistently, however will head alone on her last way.

Precap: Anant runs towards burrow. Bomb impacts and Gehna tumbles down oblivious.


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