Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Teacher Kumar orders Gehna to wear bomb coat. Gehna denies until he liberates her family. He compromises her yet falls flat and orders his hooligan to save Desai family. Gehna asks where will the bomb detonate and the number of individuals will pass on. Kumar giggles saying it will kill many individuals and whoever wears it will impact with the bomb. At wedding setting, Krishna attempts to gather family’s consideration and when he comes up short, he boisterously illuminates that there is bomb everywhere. Family is stunned and asks who established bomb. Krishna says Kumar established bomb in the wake of getting away from police. They alarm. Kumar’s hooligans enter and say they will take them out securely.

Gehna calls Baa by means of Kumar’s number and guarantees nothing will happen to them. They ask where is she. Gehna says she is fine. Kumar shows family escaping setting securely on tab and requests that Gehan wear bomb coat now and follow his thugs. He then, at that point, calls police headquarters and educates that a fear based oppressor is attempting to detonate burrow with a human bomb. Investigator asks who is the genius behind it. Kumar figures he will trap Gehna and Anant all things considered.

Anant breaks window iron poles and escapes hooligan’s safe-house. Gehna figures she can’t let any honest pass on, hits hooligans with a wooden log and flees. Hooligans search her. She attempts to take off coat and it alert blares. Kumar with Sagar contacts her and says she most definitely called them by turning on alert, she can’t head out in different directions from the coat and will kick the bucket without a doubt. He compromises not to act oversmart or, in all likelihood he will arrange his group to catch her family again and kill them. Gehna argues to save her family. He orders to follow him towards her predetermination.

Anant runs on street when police catches him in claim of attempting to bomb impact. Anant makes an honest effort to clarify that he isn’t the one and is attempting to stop bomb impact all things being equal, however assessor conveys weighty exchanges and takes him to police headquarters where he investigates him. Anant says he needs to stop bomb impact and demands to go with him in the event that he has an uncertainty on him. Reviewer concurs.

Precap: Kumar requests that Gehna enter burrow submerged and impact a dam, which will suffocate entire city.


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