Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inebriated Sagar disguised as maid Kalavati touches Gehna lustfully in lieu of dancing round her. Kanak stops him and takes him away. Gehna senses Sagar’s presence. Kanak takes Sagar to kitchen and slaps him for his heinous act. He says Gehna became searching so beautiful. She says he might had been arrested for his heinous act and sends him thru window. Gehna walks to kitchen looking maid. Kanak asks if she desires something. Gehna says she desires water. Kanak says she can be able to deliver water for her as she has mehandi on her hand and sends her away. Gehna notices window open, searches maid Kalavati in entire residence, and reveals her lacking. She then reveals Kalavathi taking walks on road. Sagar enters a room and leaves after converting garments. Gehna enters a residence and locating Kalavti’s faux wig and garments realizes it became Sagar for sure. She thinks who introduced Sagar as Kalavati in Desai residence. She selections Kalavati’s garments and attempts to depart while Sagar enters and attempts to molest her. She warns him to live farfar from her. He holds her.

Srivastav informs Anant/Sid that professor Kumar is making plans a brutal assault. Anant says his confusion is clearing, in advance Gehna agreed to marry him while there has been a courtroom docket listening to now a information of professor’s assault plan. Srivastav says all three matters are connected. Anant informs Gehna is lacking and perhaps her existence is in danger. Srivastav says he’s going to ask him crew to discover her out. Gehna ties Sagar to a chair. Sagar recollects professor making plans a huge bomb blast after diwali. He warns Gehna to depart him in any other case she can be able to endure dire consequences. She denies. He says there’s a person at her domestic who’s assisting him and asks her to go back to Jamnagar with him and be his queen as Anant is already dead. She slaps him and walks away. She disguises herself as Kalavati and waits in her room. Kanak enters and wondering her as Sagar asks what did he do with Gehna. She eliminates veil and is greatly surprised to look Gehna instead, she receives afraid and pleads Gehna now no longer to tell own circle of relatives approximately her involvement. Gehna walks away and meets own circle of relatives. Baa asks wherein became she. Gehna says in keep room. Kanak walks to them worried. Gehna says Kanak apologized her for her misbehavior until now and instructed she can be able to get her prepared as bride in her wedding. Kanak hugs and thank you her for now no longer exposing her. Gehna asks her to do her task.

Gehna returns to her room and thinks what have to be Kumar’s plan, if is making plans a bomb blast. She hears Sagar’s telecellsmartphone ringing and noticing Kumar’s telecellsmartphone selections it. Kumar asks him to be prepared for his task. Phone switches off. She rushes out to get telecellsmartphone charger while Anant notices her and stops. She requests him to permit her move and rushes lower back to her room to discover Sagar’s telecellsmartphone lacking. Kanak in her room fumes that she has to behave on Gehna’s order. Gehna enters and says sure and asks her to go back Sagar’s telecellsmartphone. Kanak denies. Gehna takes her Sagar. Kanak splashes water on Sagar. Sagar receives indignant and threatens him. Kanak says she isn’t fearful of his threats and says its precise that Gehna tied him here. Gehna walks in. Sagar says Kanak betrayed him and befriended Gehna. Gehna selections iron rod and asks Kanak to discover Kumar’s plan thru Sagar in 15 mins in any other case she can be able to divulge her in the front of Desai own circle of relatives. Kanak slaps Sagar again.

Precap: Gehna and Anant attain Kumar’s den. Kumar over telecellsmartphone threatens to execute bomb blast earlier than determined time and traps them in a net..


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