Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

YSaath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Educator Kumar’s guides blindfold Gehna and take her in a helicopter. Gehna gets apprehensive when they eliminate her blindfold seeing herself in helicopter and figures she couldn’t say whether her choice was correct, she is forfeiting her life for Anant and country. At wedding scene,

Pandit requests to call lady and man of the hour soon as mahurath is passing on. Family discovers Gehna likewise absent. Pandit says its abshagun. Bapuji says when 2 darlings wed, shagun and abshagun isn’t seen. Radhika recollecting Sagar’s danger thinks in the event that he hijacked Gehna. Anant surges towards Kumar’s nook to save Gehna, however Kumar’s hooligans get him and says his better half previously went out, so he can’t go out from here. They lock him in a room while he opposes and yells.

Hooligans request that Gehna get down the helicopter and hang tight for Kumar’s guidelines. She asks how might she get down. They toss stepping stool down and requests that she get down by means of it. She ventures down and loses balance, then, at that point, controls herself and arrives at ground. Thugs lift back stepping stool and fly chopper away. Gehna figures she will advise monitors everything and save Anant’s task. Kumar cautions her not to act oversmart and head towards security until he arranges. She does same. Gatekeepers stop him.

Anant feels defenseless and thinks how to save his family and Gehna. Krishna gets back to wedding setting and discovers Anant missing. Anant calls him and advises that he is being secured a room, Krishna needs to save his family, clarifies him the entire circumstance, and requests that he get his family out of mandap while he attempts save Gehna. He calls Gehna, yet her telephone isn’t reachable. Gatekeeper asks Gehna who is she and what is she doing here.

Kumar cautions her not to commit any error or, more than likely she will lose her entire family. Watchman says they question her seeing her quiet and will arrest her. Kumar gets strained hearing that and requests that she do as he says. Gehna sys her better half works in wilderness and its their first wedding commemoration, so she needs to wish her significant other. Watchman gets persuaded and gives her access. A heartfelt tune plays behind the scenes. Anant figures he can’t separate and attempt to save Gehna.

Gehna arrives at center of wilderness where psychological oppressors meet her and say they are educator’s men who came to take her along. She follows them and meets educator. Gehna asks when he needed to come here, for what reason did he make her to come here along these lines. Kumar says she would have deceived and caught him in gatekeeper’s hold, so he needed. Sagar enters and showing her bomb coat requests that she wear it.

Precap: Kumar requests that Gehna enter burrow submerged and impact a dam, which will suffocate entire city.


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