Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kusum praises herself for her appearing and fooling Desai own circle of relatives. She munches dhokla whilst Pankaj enters and asks if she spoke to Swara closing night. She says if Swara had informed her some thing, she wouldn’t have permit her pass. He says he’s going to pass then. She drops a letter and asks Pankaj to study it. He reads it and runs out worriedly. Anant notices Gehna misplaced in idea at the same time as cooking and indicators her. She says she.. He says even he’s involved for Swara and could record her lacking police complaint. She says she feels apprehensive and thinks some thing incorrect will happen. He lifts her and takes her to room to make her rest. Swara waits for Pankaj at a cliff and seeing him coming acts as seeking to bounce into overdue and devote suicide. He stops her. She traps him in her emotional blackmail pronouncing no one helped them after they had been wandering alone, she were given her sister lower back however now no longer her happiness, Pankaj’s own circle of relatives humiliated her, even she merits happiness, however no guy will take delivery of her seeing her past. He says he’s going to. She asks will he marry her. He concurs.

Back at Desai house, Baa says Swara is tough to own circle of relatives when you consider that she entered their lives, no one will will take her call from hereon. Door bell rings. Baa thinks Pankaj got here and asks Gehna to carry out his aarti. Gehna opens door retaining aarti thali and drops it in surprise seeing Pankaj and Swara sporting garlands. Pankaj enters retaining Swara’s hand. Desai own circle of relatives is greatly surprised to look that. Baa asks what’s happening. Pankaj says he married Swara. Kusum begins offevolved her appearing and says she couldn’t get each her daughters married. Swara acts as consoling her. Baa says she doesn’t don’t forget this funny story as marriage. Pankaj says all of them ought to take delivery of their marriage. Anant asks how should he take one of these massive choice with out informing own circle of relatives. Pankaj asks did he and his spouse tell own circle of relatives after they took somany decisions. Hiral says she concurs that Pankaj have to be lacking Kanak and were given emotional whilst Swara lured him. Pankaj says Kanak usually handled him like a servant and he by no means felt satisfied with her, however Swara gave the happiness he merits in only four days. Swara thinks she located a great puppet who will obey her orders blindly.

Gehna confronts Swara that she requested her to go away house, however she trapped and married Pankaj to live on this house. Pankaj warns Gehna to act together along with his spouse. Anant confronts Pankaj. Pankaj holds his collar. Baa and Bapuji warn him to forestall fighting. Pankaj maintains his argument and insists own circle of relatives to just accept Swara as his spouse. Baa says she can be able to by no means try this and pushes Swara out of house. Pankaj warns her that even he’s going to go away the house. Swara pleads Baa to permit her in. Baa doesn’t budge. Pankaj holds Swara’s hand and walks toward gate questioning its waste to marry this monkey if Desai own circle of relatives doesn’t take delivery of her. Baa shatters seeing her son going. Swara thinks her emotional blackmailing is working. Family comforts Baa and take her to room. Gehna pleads Baa to permit Swara and guarantees that she can be able to ensure Swara doesn’t do something incorrect. Baa confronts her that she warned her now no longer to permit Swara in, however her adamancy ruined her house; already Kanak had ruined her son’s existence and now Swara; she can be able to by no means forgive Gehna for that and orders her to get out of her view.

Precap: Swara asks Gehna to the touch her jethani’s toes. Gehna pulls her leg in lieu of touching toes and appearing as lifting her up warns her to dare now no longer hassle her own circle of relatives. Swara demanding situations her lower back..


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