Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hema and Tia go into Gehna’s room and track down her oblivious on floor. They stressed sprinkle water all over and wake her up. Gehna asks where is her wedding dress and recalls Radhika halting her and inquires as to whether she will remarry Anant, she succeded last time yet can’t this time; Anant is her adoration and she won’t allow Gehna to wed him. Gehna says she can’t do anything, its her and Anant’s wedding today. Radhika sniffs her chloroform and makes her oblivious. Out of flashback, Gehna alarms thinking Radhika wedded Anant. Tia says Radhika couldn’t as Anant saw her hand and distinguished her; Anant loves Gehna now. Anant inquires as to whether she stooped so low.

Radhika says Gehna demolished her life, and he wedded her. Anant says he gladly acknowledges that he adores Gehna now and its great that he didn’t wed Radhika. Tia and Hema bring Gehna down as lady of the hour. Anant inquires as to whether she is fine. Baa goes up against Radhika and cautions her to escape her home or she will see her distinctive face. Gehna requests that she quiet down as Radhika showed her genuine face and fizzled. Baa acclaims Gehna that Gehna pardoned even her foe, it’s not possible for anyone to adore better compared to Gehna and she is the best soul mate for Anant, she is a string of her home which is holding each relative. She asks Radhika again to escape house in the event that she has a bit of disgrace.

Hema inquires as to whether she will let Radhika unpunished. Anant says Radhika will see him wedding Gehna, he holding Gehna’s hand strolls into mandap and requests that Pandit stand mantra. Pandit requests that they trade wreaths. Hema says Radhika broke wreath. Gehna says marriage can occur without wreath. Anant says he will wed her with complete ceremonies and will bring laurel himself. Paresh says let Chetan and Pankaj bring laurels.

Anant says he will. Bapuji says muhurat will pass on. Anant says there is no muhurat for relationship of adoration. Krishna goes with him. In vehicle, Anant sees many missed calls from police headquarters and obscure number. He escapes vehicle and requests that Krishna bring laurel while he completes some forthcoming work. He then, at that point, calls controller who advises that teacher Kumar got away and he ought to watch out.

Family trusts that Anant will bring festoon. Gehna gets strained recollecting multipel abshagun/unfavorable occasions. Anant gets Kumar’s call who orders him to tackle his job prior to taking pheras. Anant yells at him. Kumar says in the event that he doesn’t take care of his job, he will impact mandap with bombs and will kill his entire family. Anant shoutsagian. Kumar says he ought to proceed to look through bombs, shows bomb remote and takes steps to see his family passing on the off chance that he doesn’t take care of his job.

Anant gets strained for his family’s security and gets back to wedding scene. He discovers Gehna’s dupatta on his bicycle and acknowledges Gehna hearing his discussion and going to meet Kumar. Gehna meets Kumar. Anant figures Gehna probably gone to look through him and heard his discussion and chose to meet Kumar. He cries for what reason did she take his concern on her; he won’t allow her or his family to happen anything.

Kumar focuses weapon at Gehna and says Anant didn’t get him and henceforth sent her here and went to police headquarters. Gehna says she, at the end of the day, came here. Kumar says she and her significant other will pay for their demonstrations, shows bomb remote and asks should he press a button. Gehna argues to kill her and extra her family, she didn’t bring police along and came here, she will wrap up his responsibility rather than Anant with one condition. He asks what is her condition. She says she needs ensure that he won’t hurt her family and Anant or, in all likelihood she will ruin his work. His helper blindfolds her and he says she needs to go with any place they take her.

Precap: Kumar powers Gehna to wear bomb coat.


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