Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant gets drug treatments from Sapan for Gehna. Sapan says he’s going to take a look at Gehna as soon as. Anant says Gehna might be satisfactory as soon as she takes medication and rests. Sapan leaves. Anant sees Kusum seeking to dedicate suicide in kitchen and Swara seeking to forestall her. He rushes to her and prevents her. Kusum cries that her heinous act doesn’t deserve forgiveness and Gehna will in no way forgive her.

Anant says he’s going to persuade Gehna to her one greater chance. She maintains appearing and leaves smirking. Swara praises her appearing and says now Anant will persuade Gehna to present them one greater chance. Anant requests Gehna, however Gehna denies. He says if she leaves them, her mom will do exertions paintings once more and sister will dance on streets, so she must preserve them together along with her and mentor them. Kusum additionally requests to present them one chance. Gehna agrees. Anant informs that the next day they’ve Pankaj’s celebration at domestic and plan a wonder birthday celebration for him.

At midnight, complete own circle of relatives visits Pankaj’s room to desire him satisfied birthday and don’t locate him. Gehna thinks in which did Pankaj move at midnight. Pankaj visits lawn questioning who referred to as him right here. He notices Kanak on foot closer to him protecting a cake and receives satisfied,

however then realizes its Swara. Swara desires him satisfied birthday. He says he notion she is Kanak. She says she is aware of he’s lacking Kanak, she didn’t have whatever to present him and as a result dressed like Kanak. He thank you her. She says there’s no thanks and sorry in friendship. He asks what form of relationship. She says he’s Gehna’s BIL and as a result associated with him. She cuts cake with him making a song satisfied birthday to you and purposefully slips on him.

Gehna enters. Swara thinks she constantly enters at a incorrect time and says they had been slicing Pankaj’s birthday cake. Pankaj backs her and says Swara slipped on him with the aid of using mistake. Gehna says every body are ready from him internal domestic to reduce cake. Pankaj walks closer to domestic.

Gehna stops Swara and warns her to forestall her lies and betrayal, she permit her live right here due to Anant however now no longer anymore, so that they must depart her residence proper now. Swara pushes her away and warns her to forestall wrongly alleging her as she become simply celebrating Pankaj’s birthday. Gehna slaps her and says she simply killed mosquito on her cheek. Swara says she is lying. Gehna says even she will feel Swara’s lies and conspiracies and warns her to get out. Their argument and tussle begins offevolved. Swara notices a bench and falls on it injuring her forehead. Sapan treats her.

Kusum alleges Gehna that she driven her sister and begins offevolved her emotional drama. Baa warns her to forestall alleging Gehna as she doesn’t recognize what Gehna actually is, she can be able to in no way damage every body purposefully. Once every body leaves, Gehna says she isn’t incorrect this time and something it’s far needs them to go away her residence, she can be able to make preparations for his or her live someplace else. Kusum receives tensed.

Gehna enters Baa’s room and cries protecting her feet. Baa asks reason. Gehna seeks her forgiveness and returns locker keys. Baa says she can be able to take delivery of it as soon as the whole lot is everyday. Gehna guarantees that the whole lot might be everyday the next day. Next morning, whilst Desai own circle of relatives is having breakfast, Kusum walks to them and cries that Swara is lacking and alleges Gehna. Hema says Gehna’s own circle of relatives is dramebaaz. Baa receives irritated on Gehna. Kusum maintains her drama. Anant assures her to locate Swara and convey her lower back domestic.

Precap: Pankaj returns domestic after marrying Swara, leaving own circle of relatives in shock. Swara demanding situations Gehna to smash her own circle of relatives. Gehna twists her hand and warns to show her for the duration of muh dikhayi ritual.


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