Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector asks constable to position anant in lockup. Gehna with pankaj and paresh reaches there, stops constable, asks anant why is he doing this, and asks inspector to arrest her as she is the offender. Anant says she is not a murderer and asks her to go home as its no longer a dharamshala. Gehna pleads to let her live right here. Paresh asks inspector if there may be a manner to shop anant.

Inspector says anant accept that he made an coincidence, they ought to lease a good legal professional to bail him out. Constable places anant in lockup. Anant asks gehna to visit hema as she isn’t a regulation’s sufferer however own family’s who didn’t even suppose one before crushing hema under automobile, and if she has a bit of dignity left, she need to guide his circle of relatives.

Do pal ruka kwabon ka karwan.. Song plays inside the historical past. Pareesh and pankaj tak gehna from there. They attain domestic in which baa stops gehna at door and asks wherein is her son. Paresh says they couldn’t convey anant alongside and need to bail him out thru a attorney.

Gehna walks to baa crying and accepting her mistake apologizes her. Baa slaps her. Kanak smirks noticing that. Gehna says she became gaining knowledge of automobile using to marvel anant and complete circle of relatives at some point of her wedding anniversary, however didn’t recognize she can commit this type of massive coincidence. She asks kanak if she is aware of

Kanak says she cleverly took sagar’s revenge from hema. Gehna walks to hiral next. Hiral yells at her for the use of anant’s pricey automobile. Gehna then walks to pankaj who says she must have informed them as a minimum before planning a surprise and taking anant’s car.

Kanak yells next that she concealed the reality even from her. Gehna goes to paresh subsequent who says she broke his accept as true with and didn’t even feel responsible for her act, and many others. Kanak provokes family greater. Gehna then walks to bapuji.

Bapuji shouts she despatched his son to jail and he’s going to never forgive her. Gehna then attempts to hold baa’s ft asking if she trusts her. Baa backs off and warns her to dare now not name her baa till anant returns domestic,

she made a mistake of creating her her residence’s competent bahu as she is the maximum incompetent bahu. Kanak’s equal expressions keep, which no one notice. Gehna returns to her room and complete family’s sour words echo in her ears. She shouts no.. Kanak enters and offers her kerchief to wipe her tears,

says she pities on her and continually to see gehna losing; she become an apple of entire circle of relatives’s eyes, but with her one mistake they threw her out like a curry go away from curry; even her husband didn’t fee her;

she changed into constantly taken into consideration as a servant and just misused her; circle of relatives is extra involved approximately hema and anant now, a servant’s life is actually worst, and many others. Gehna thinks if kanak did all this. Anant in lockup recalls excellent time spent with gehna.

Ye kyun kiya khuda… music performs inside the history. He thinks gehna did incorrect, he idea of dwelling collectively whole lifestyles; he gave her feathers to fly, however she reduce his feathers as a substitute; she made an twist of fate and hid it; he’ll in no way trust her again.

Gehna at home cries searching at anant’s image remembering their marriage and desires him glad marriage anniversary. Anant thinks he must were at home at the moment, however he is in jail as an alternative because of gehna. Constable gives him meals and says day after today is courtroom excursion and consequently he can’t get bail, so he ought to silently have it. Anant eats food.

Precap: gehna gets into using trainer’s taxi and driving it rapid closer to a pole threatens him to tell how the twist of fate passed off that day.


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