Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna walks in the direction of oily ground and slips. Anant holds her. They each fall on a flower rangoli and their eyes lock. Locker keys fall down. Swara and Kusum thieve keys and stroll to them. They get alert and shy. Once Swara and Kusum stroll away, Anant says allow us to visit room. Gehna shies. He says to alternate clothes, she has turn out to be naughty now a days. In the evening, Desai own circle of relatives celebrates Dev Diwali. Gehna explains that they burn crackers in this night, couples mild lamp and pray tulsi plant for his or her togetherness. Krishna says he’ll carry out tulsi pooja with Tia each years. They all carry out pooja after which get busy burning crackers. Swara notices Pankaj alone, walks to him, and insists to mild lamp together along with her. Pankaj says as Gehna said, rituals are executed with partners. She insists and lighting lamp with him. Pankaj walks away after that.

Gehna notices that and confronts Gehna for breaking own circle of relatives ritual and lighting fixtures lamp with Pankaj. Swara says she is developing an trouble out of nowhere, she respects her doesn’t suggest she will can insult her constantly, she changed into simply looking to cheer up Pankaj. Gehna warns her to forestall doing that and walks away. Swara receives indignant on Gehna, enters Baa’s room and steals cash and jewellery shape locker to place blame on Gehna. Kusum stops her and asks her to maintain earrings and cash again. Swara says she stole locker keys with high-quality difficulty. Kusum says Desai own circle of relatives will doubt them if entire earrings and cash is stolen, their motto is to smash Gehna and her own circle of relatives completely, in order that they ought to thieve cash slowly. Swara continues cash and jewellery again into locker. Kusum says she will thieve a small earrings to be able to spend some days peacefully. Swara says her concept could be very true, she can be able to thieve earrings and cash and Gehna can be stuck as a substitute. She throws keys in air.

Gehna enters and catches keys. She confronts them for betraying her believe and disrespecting blood relationship, how Kusum’s incorrect upbringing ruined Swara’s life, etc. Swara denies to go back keys. Gehna says she can be able to tell own circle of relatives approximately their genuine colorations and the way they took keys from her. Swara blames Gehna as a substitute that she and her mom were given separated from her father due to Gehna and lead and poverty bothered life, etc. Gehna attempts to take keys again. Kusum stops her, acts her beating herself from Gehna’s hand, begins offevolved her emotional drama and says she gave incorrect upbringing to Swara and therefore needs Gehna to maintain Swara together along with her and train her true morales. Gehna walks away. Kusum receives tensed that Gehna will tell their fact to her own circle of relatives and get them out of house.

Gehna walks to Baa and apologizes her for going towards her and trusting her mom and sister as a substitute and informs approximately them stealing earrings. Gehna says its too overdue to realise her mistake. Gehna pleads to forgive her. Anant holds her, and she or he realizes its her imagination. Anant takes her to their room and consoles her. She cries that she changed into satisfied that she were given her mom and sister again in her life, however her destiny betrayed her. He says even he’s feeling awful listening to that. She asks if Baa will forgive her. He says pricey ones constantly forgive every other, even maa will. Gehna says her mom and sister must depart this house. Anant says they may be her pricey ones. Gehna says she is with fact. He asks her to relaxation and is going to get drug treatments for her from Sapan. Swara and Kusum watch her hiding.

Precap: Swara acts as looking to committing suicide and emotionally blackmails Pankaj to marry him. She then name callings Gehna that she can be able to rule over her now. Gehna twists her hand and demanding situations to show her at some stage in muh dikhayi ritual.


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