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There have been few stars in the long history of Indian cinema, without which the mention of this history would be incomplete. Mudhabala was one such star. Madhubala not only touched highs in her career in a short time but also won the hearts of all with her simplicity. However, Madhubala, who won the hearts of all, also ended up with a heart problem on today’s date in 1969. Madhubala’s entire life was no less than a film, while her love story still talks.

Madhubala’s real name was Begum Mumtaz Jahan Dehalvi. Madhubala was not only in the discussion about her film career but her personal life was also in the discussion. The fire of love started between Madhubala and Dilip Kumar on the set of the film ‘Tarana’. It is said that at that time Madhubala sent a rose flower with a slip in the makeup room of Dilip Kumar, in which it was written, ‘If you want love from me, then give this rose to Kubool.’ After reading the slip, Dilip Kumar kept that rose with a smile.

Gradually, the love of Madhubala and Dilip Kumar started rising. As a result, wherever Madhubala was shooting, Dilip Sahab would have reached there. On the other hand, Madhubala’s father Ataullah Khan was very strict and kept an eye on his daughter all the time. At the same time, Ataullah used to interfere a lot in the life of daughter Madhubala, many times during the shoot, the film’s directors also got upset with these things. At the same time, there were many quarrels between Dilip Kumar and Madhubala on this matter, but eventually all things were resolved.

In 1956, BR Chopra chose Dilip Kumar and Madhubala for the film ‘Naya Daur’ and after the initial shoot the rest of the film was to be shot in Budhni town near Bhopal. But Madhubala’s father was not ready for this. In such a situation, Madhubala was finally dropped from the film and Vyjayanth Mala was signed. It was worth noting in this whole matter that Dilip Kumar also supported BR Chopra, because he felt that Ataullah was not allowing Madhubala to go to Bhopal because of him.

In the new era, BR Chopra announced the name of Vyjayanth Mala in place of Madhubala through a news advertisement. In the advertisement, a cut mark was placed on Madhubala and a photo of Vyjayanti Mala was printed in her place. Ataullah Khan was angered by this and gave an advertisement in which he named all the films of Madhubala and finally put the same cut mark on the name of ‘Naya Daur’.

Angry Ataullah Khan did not stop here and he filed a case in court to ban the shooting of ‘Naya Daur’. In response to this case, Chopra also filed a case for refund of Rs 30,000 given to Madhubala as the signing amount of the film. During the hearing of these disputes, Dilip Kumar was called to court once. After all the questions, Dilip Kumar was finally asked whether he loved Madhubala? Dilip Kumar said in front of everyone in the court of Magistrate RS Parikh, ‘Yes I love Madhu and will love her forever’.

Interesting stories are seen in the family comedy show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma. Here the twist and turn in the life of the residents of Gokuldham Society entertains the audience a lot. Meanwhile, a lot of trouble has come over the show’s lead character ‘Jethalal’ these days. They are completely in debt. Due to which he has to lock his 12 year old shop ‘Gada Electronics’. At the same time, for Jethalal, who is in debt, it is now possible to leave the society. You will be surprised to know how all this happened?

In fact, due to the transaction that Jethalal had done before the lockdown , many traders were left taking money. In such a situation, the biggest payment businessman was stuck with ‘Bhogilal’. With this money, the firstborn was about to repay the loan taken from the rest of the traders, but the intention of ‘Bhogilal’ was spoiled and he refused to give money to his firstborn. He cleverly convinced the firstborn that he himself is worried about money but the reality is different.

In such a situation, the naive Jethalal did not like to ask for money and he went into debt. For this reason, his business moved to Gada Electronics Wharf. According to media reports, in the upcoming episode, Jethalal will now be seen talking to Bapuji about selling his shop and repaying the debt of creditors and going to the village. He will also have to leave his Gokuldham Society in Mumbai.


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