Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Desai own circle of relatives enjoys dinner and praises flavor of dishes. Kusum says her daughter organized it. Hiral says Gehna prepares tasty meals. Kusum says she has 2 daughters and Swara organized it. Baa says as a minimum she has a few talent. Gehna shows Swara to open a tiffin carrier and earn cash. Swara denies. Gehna says she must be self-reliant and must percentage her earnings with Baa as she is incharge of kitchen. Baa says she doesn’t want anyone’s cash and via way of means of god’s grace can feed Gehna’s mom and sister. Swara says she can be able to now no longer paintings as Baa said. Gehna insists. Kusum calms down Swara. Hema provokes Baa in opposition to Gehna that she is greater involved approximately her mom and sister than Desai own circle of relatives now.

Swara prepares meals in kitchen angrily. Gehna receives her one hundred roti order. Swara angrily attempts to hit her from in the back of, however Kusum stops her. She denies to paintings greater. Gehna says she can not waste her tough paintings. Swara says its her tough paintings. Gehna suggests her commercial in information paper and says she were given first order after lots tough paintings, so Swara shouldn’t permit it go. She asks her to take Kusum’s assist. Kusum acts as falling subconscious and Swara acts as involved for Kusum. Gehna says she want now no longer fear as maa fell subconscious because of weakness, she can be able to name doctor. Kusum opens eyes and says he can be nice if she rests in AC room and walks away. Anant enters kitchen. Swara leaves in the back of Kusum. Anant receives romantic. Gehna shies and says a person will see them. He says he were given license to romance her as he’s her husband and hugs her from in the back of even as she prepares roti dough. Meri Zindagi Hai Tu.. music performs withinside the background.

Kusum munching apples says if this continues, her mind will meet with an accident. Swara tears Gehna’s picturegraph and says she goals of turning into a heroine and revel in life, however Gehna has emerge as a heroine right here and is dwelling a lavish life, she can be able to kill Gehna and take her place. Kusum says she can be able to outwit Gehna together along with her plan and grasp something Gehna has. Swara says her plans continually fail. Kusum says simply wait and watch. Pankaj enters, and that they get tensed. Back in kitchen, Anant calms down Gehna and says she want now no longer fear as mother can be everyday quickly as soon as matters stabilize. Gehna thank you him for calming her down. He insists for a kiss. She shies, then says she needs her each own circle of relatives stay collectively happily. He assures her and hugs her.

Swara tells Kusum that they could be in problem if Pankaj heard his conversation. Pankaj congratulates them for his or her new business, praises Swara for her cake baking skills, and requests her assist him in his bakery. Kusum says really she can be able to deliver her daughter’s hand to him and does so. They each get tensed. She then says she method assist him in bakery. Pankaj leaves praising Swara. Kusum receives a plan and smirks. At night, Pankaj senses a person’s hand on him and wondering its Kanak asks her to permit him sleep, then realizes Kanak is in prison and jumps off the bed in worry Kusum feels leg pain. Gehna hundreds her legs with mustard oil and says a daughter got here to clean her mom’s pain. Kusum receives emotional however backs off. Gehna asks approximately Swara. Kusum says she went to convey water. Baa enters and asks what’s Swara doing there, takes her to Pankaj’s room and displaying Swara on Pankaj’s mattress asks what’s she doing shamelessly on mattress. Gehna throws water on Swara and wakes her up.

Precap: Swara tells Kusum that she can be able to thieve and blame Gehna, then get her out of this house. Gehna catches them pink handed.


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