Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna panics and wipes her hand repeatedly. Baa with Bapuji enters and asks what’s she doing. Gehna says she has blood stains on her hands. Baa says there aren’t anyt any blood stains and asks her to manipulate herself. Bapuji says seeing her condition, they have got taken a decision. Baa says she needs them to transport on in existence and feature a 2d marriage. Gehna panics greater and says her existence can’t extrade with 2d marriage as matters may be repaired however now no longer coronary heart. Baa says it’ll restore even her coronary heart. Gehna asks Bapuji that he pitied on her in advance and were given her married to Anant, now he is looking her to marry a person else. Baa says they need her to settle down. Gehna says she can’t neglect about Anant, aleven though they forgot him so quickly. Baa says Anant is her son earlier than Gehna’s husband and they could in no way neglect about him, however need her to settle down. She denies their request.

Next morning in kitchen, Hema sees Kanak making ready snacks luckily and asks if she received a lottery. Kanak says jackpot and says Kanak became a 24/7 servant while she got here to this residence after which have become bahu, she in no way disobeyed Baa and Bapuji and could really conform to for remarriage. Hema says Gehna will in no way agree and he or she is a part of their lives now. Kanak says they’ll be tension-loose after Gehna’s remarriage, then says she method Baa and Bapuji, thinks she can be able to rock in the course of this wedding ceremony drama. In dwelling room, Pankaj and Chetan try and persuade Gehna for remarriage, however she denies. Anant informs his boss and Siya approximately Baa’s decision. Boss asks how can Baa assume Gehna’s 2d marriage, didn’t he get tensed. Anant says he did, however his coronary heart says Gehna will in no way agree for 2d marriage. Gehna asks Chetan and Pankaj how can they think about her 2d marriage. Krishna says she is hesitant as she thinks Sid is Anant and is hoping Anant’s return, so she she have to get Anant out of her mind. Gehna warns to slap him if he says this. Tia says Gehna is adamant as she in no way met some other guy than Anant, so she have to meet some other boy as soon as. Gehna scolds even her an walks away.

Gehna sits in lawn crying and thinks she will sense Anant’s presence round her. She slips and falls down. Sid walks to her and nursing her wound says she became flirting with him until the day prior to this and these days agreed for 2d marriage. She asks him to inspect her eyes and say this. Neighbors watch them and assume Gehna stuck some other guy as quickly as Anant exceeded away. Siya walks to Sid and asks waht is he doing right here leaving her in car. Sid asks Gehna to go back domestic strolling and walks away with Siya. Neighbors go to Desai residence and badmouth approximately Gehna they noticed Gehna with health practitioner and that they have to be cautious earlier than others be aware them.

Kanak yells at Gehna that Baa and Bapuji are humiliated due to her. Baa tells Gehna that she continually reputable her and hopes she can be able to withinside the destiny also, they’re now no longer stricken approximately others, however they have to be capable of face themselves. Bapuji backs her. Baa asks her to fulfill they boy Chirag as soon as although she doesn’t marry him. Gehna consents. Chirag’s own circle of relatives visits with alliance. Bapuji praises Gehna and says as soon as Gehna and Chirag have to talk as soon as. Baa sends Gehna with Chirag to reveal their residence. Chirag says he heard the whole thing approximately Gehna and is prepared to simply accept her. Gehna throws vase and different stuff on him and threatens him. Chirag receives afraid and runs away and rejoins own circle of relatives. Sid walks in. Chirag’s mom asks his decision. Chirag consents for this alliance. Gehna stands shocked.

Precap: Gehna tells Baa and Bapuji that she is prepared to marry Chirag. Sid receives tensed listening to that.


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