Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna emotionally hugs Swara. Swara attempts to stab Gehna. Her mom Kusum stops her and snatches knife from her. Gehna emotionally says they may be fortunate to reunite again, her baba/father isn’t with them however have become a motive for his or her reunity. Kusum hugs her and says its a sport of destiny and could flip lower back anytime. Gehna takes her father’s picturegraph and runs domestic to tell own circle of relatives. She reaches domestic and calls entire own circle of relatives.

Family walks to her. She tells she wishes to inform them some thing and says she located her pihar/mom’s own circle of relatives. Anant asks wherein are they. She says Swara is her misplaced sister and Kusum her mom, she can be able to pass and produce them here. Baa stops her and says a dancer Swara spoilt her mind. Gehna indicates her father’s picturegraph in her locket and Swara’s father’s % and says Swara is her sister.

Swara asks Kusum why she stopped her from killing Gehna, snatches knife from her, and says she can be able to kill Gehna proper now. Mother slaps her. Swara asks motive. Mother says Gehna has a spark of hatred for Gehna, however she has a hearthplace of hatred for Gehna. She is going into flashback wherein toddler Gehna’s father notices a jewellery in Gehna’s hand and asks wherein did she get it from. Baby Gehna indicates earrings in Kusum’s trunk.

Father calls Kusum and confronts her for stealing earrings. Kusum alleges Gehna for buying her stuck and attempts to slap her. Father stops her and slaps her as a substitute and is going to deliver human beings to go back their earrings. Kusum curses Gehna and leaves domestic with Swara. Out of flashback, Kusum says her sincere husband died earlier than time looking to keep a few sincere man.

Swara says they needed to go through due to Gehna, she can be able to now no longer spare her; Gehna is taking part in in a mansion whilst they wandering on streets. Kusum says she have to hold her spark of revenge alive for a few greater time and exhibits that she noticed Gehna on TV and determined to burn her residence to attain Gehna; she deliberate properly to go into Gehna residence, etc. Swara says she can be able to grasp the entirety from Gehna and go away her to go through like they did.

Baa tells Gehna that she can not allow Gehna provide her rights to a dancer Swara. Gehna says Swara is her sister and now no longer a dancer. Baa says awful blooded Swara can not be Gehna’s sister and subsequently Swara and her mom can not live on this residence. Swara and Kusum prevent at door listening to that. Gehna says they may be her own circle of relatives. Baa says human beings like them damage households and houses, daughters and DILs live on this residence, and he or she can not allow a dancer live in her residence.
Gehna says she is bahu of this residence and has proper in this residence, subsequently she can be able to deliver her mom and sister on this residence. Baa walks away fuming. Bapuji lets in Gehna to deliver her own circle of relatives in and allow him cope with Baa. Gehna brings them in. Anant welcomes them. Swara says its a unique day for them as its her parent’s wedding ceremony anniversary. He says they may celebration the following day with pals or even carry out pooja. Gehna thank you him.

Bapuji asks Anant to allow Gehna and her own circle of relatives communicate by myself and now no longer intervene among them. Swara tells Kusum that their plan worked. Kusum says she desires to rule over this residence, that is simply the beginning, she is expecting the following day’s celebration.

Gehna walks to Baa’s room and requests her to punish her however now no longer get irritated on her. Baa says her buttery talks will now no longer soften her, she known as her mom however insulted her in the front of everyone. Gehna holds her ft and says she will by no means insult her. Baa says if she offers admire to one, any other is insulted. Gehna says she has 2 mothers, person who gave her delivery and any other who gave her this residence and own circle of relatives; they may now no longer arrange feature on this residence with out her permission; she have to provide them a danger to reveal their goodness as she can not go away each mothers, etc. Swara walks in and takes Gehna out to reveal Anant readorning residence for celebration. Kusum tells Gehna that she feels satisfied seeing her on this lavish residence main a non violent life.

Gehna asks why did she go away her. Kusum says she knew she could query her and have to watch for a while to get her answers, appears at Swara, and acts as crying. Gehna consoles and hugs her and Swara. Anant clicks their % and indicates it to them. He asks Gehna if mother agreed. Gehna says maa remains irritated. Anant asks now no longer to fear as dad will persuade mother and produce her to the following day’s celebration.

Precap: Swara dances at some point of celebration.
Guests bitch that there’s aarti on one facet and lewd dance on the opposite facet.


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