Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa humiliates Swara and her mom and asks them to depart her residence. Baa stops them. Hema asks if she desires to disobey Baa and doesn’t recognize her. Gehna says Baa is her lifestyles and requests Baa to allow them to live right here tonight. Bapuji and Anant additionally again Gehna. Baa has the same opinion and allows them to live in outhouse for a night time.

Tia takes them to outhouse. Gehna thank you Baa. Baa says handiest five mins are left for pooja, her residence’s shagun and abshagun are in Gehna’s fingers now. Pooja starts. Gehna coughs because of havan hearthplace. Anant asks if she is great. Baa says whether or not she is great or now no longer, she has to finish pooja. Panditji asks Anant and Gehna to carry out havan’s parikrama/rounding round it.

Gehna collapses even as acting parikrama. Sapan says she collapsed because of breathing in smoke, he gave her injection, and she or he and can be great soon. Gehna wakes up. Sapan says her Kanhaji stored her nowadays otherwise she could have died because of essive inhalation of smoke. Anant says he’s right. Hema says panditji instructed there could be abshagun if pooja isn’t completed. Gehna apologizes Baa for now no longer finishing pooja. Baa says there may be not anything larger than lifestyles, Kanhaji were given her nicely and its a huge shagun.

Once own circle of relatives leaves, Anant offers drug treatments to Gehna and asks why she broke her promise and concealed fact to him, she could have knowledgeable him approximately hearthplace coincidence and he could have reached there. She says there has been hearthplace on one aspect and Kanak on the opposite aspect, so. He says Kanak has set hearthplace at domestic, she is caught with Kanak and isn’t geared up to transport on. On the opposite aspect, Baa vents out her anger on Bapuji for going towards her and letting incorrect humans staying at her residence. Bapuji says its only a rely of 1 night time and they may locate any other residence tomorrow. Baa says they may should at any cost.

Gehna goals approximately her youth hearthplace coincidence and feeling uneasy walks into balcony wherein she sees notices thunderstorms and electricity off and subsequently is going to outhouse to present blankets and torch to Swara and her mom. Swara’s mom attempts to mild lamp. Swara asks if she doesn’t assume there could be a typhoon. Mother says it has already come. Baa receives involved seeing typhoon and tells Bapui that she feels its with a motive and could clutch loads from them.

Bapuji is going out to get candle. Swara asks mom how will she carry out pooja each yr with out fail and asks her to take out her husband’s %. Swara doesn’t locate it. Mother panics wondering she left it at domestic and destiny can not comic story together along with her once more. Gehna choices blanket from cabinet and % falls from her bag. She thinks of returning it to them and reaches outhouse. Pooja lamp flickers. Gehna protects it on time. Mother thank you her.

Gehna gives her torch. Mother thank you her once more and after a few dialogue says she turned into approximately to return back to her to take again % which need to have come to her via way of means of mistake. Gehna offers her % and asks if there may be some thing unique nowadays. Swara says nowadays its her parent’s wedding ceremony anniversary and she or he added her papa’s %. Mother says she added her destiny again and continues image for pooja. Fehna asks to name her in the event that they want anything. Swara says they want her and hugs her. Gehna is bowled over to her father’s % and asks Swara if he’s her papa.

Swara says yes. Gehna receives emotional understanding they may be her mom and sister and displaying her father’s % in her locket exhibits that he’s additionally her father. Mother hugs her emotionally. Gehna says meaning she is her mom and Swara is her more youthful sister. Swara says she can’t agree with a typhoon can reunite them. Mother says its all written in destiny. Their own circle of relatives bonding continues. Swara choices knife to stab Gehna.

Precap: Gehna informs Anant that Swara is her sister and kusum is her mom, so she can be able to deliver them domestic. Baa stops her and says they can not live right here. Gehna says they may..


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