Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna asks kanak being herself cutting-edge, how can her thinking be vintage and says she will take up duty of tia’s wedding ceremony.

Anant says there isn’t always need to discover a groom as groom is.. Gehna stops her. Kanak thanks they both are up to something and he or she must find out. Anant tells gehna that its suitable krishna loves tia even after so much took place.

Gehna says tia doesn’t understand that krishna loves her and he or she doesn’t need them to comply with a relationship which doesn’t have a love in it, reminiscing anant telling he likes her however cannot love her. She then asks anant to invite krishna to speak to tia and discover her opinion.

Kanak hears their verbal exchange and thinks they may be planning tia’s wedding, she will be able to make her circulate now. Anant sees gehna’s bruised hand and makes her take a seat to use ointment. She says its k anantji.

He asks her to call him anant and no longer anant ji and goes to bring medicinal drug for her. She thinks anant doesn’t love her and considers her simplest his responsibility as she is not compatible to him, she will in the future end up well matched and make him be given his love for her.

After sometime, kanak walks to gehna and beats thali. Complete own family gathers. Hema asks why is she beating thali. Kanak says in olden days, human beings used to overcome thali to announce properly news. Baa asks what is the good information. Kanak says gehna has fixed tia’s wedding. Bapuji asks who is the boy. Kanak says gehna’s exceptional pal krishna and attempts to feed laddu to gehna.

Baa stops her and asks gehna she became so massive that she took this type of huge selection without their consent and who gave her this proper.

Kanak thinks now gehna is trapped. Gehna says she didn’t talk to tia yet that krishna likes her. Kanak says gehna concealed the fact that krishna is eyeing badly on tia. Gehna says krishna isn’t a awful boy.

Kanak says he is a boy although and they should confront him. Baa asks wherein is krishna now. Hema says wherein else than in tia’s room.

Tia dries her hand after bathe. Krishna knocks door, walks in and asks if she needs some thing. She says its her house and she is aware of what she wishes. He says he needs to inform her something. Tia slips and he holds her. Baa with kanak, hema, and gehna stroll in and shout at tia.

Tia asks what befell. Kanak tells hema that her prediction become proper that krishna is in tia’s room. Gehna says krishna need to have come to specific his emotions for tia. Krishna nervously stammeers. Baa takes them to residing room. Anant joins and asks what’s happening.

Gehna says baa located out krishna’s feelings for tia. Tia asks what. Gehna says krishna loves her. Tia asks krishna if its true. Krishna nods sure.

Baa yells at gehna that she made a big mistake through hiding the truth from circle of relatives. Anant says he knows about krishna from earlier than and was approximately to talk about it with circle of relatives whilst sagar began his wedding ceremony drama. Baa yells that they each betrayed her.

Anant says krishna is gehna’s friend, from her village, and from an amazing family. Baa yells that krishna is a villager like gehna and that they don’t recognise about his own family. Krishna says with their permission, he wants marry tia.

Tia says he doesn’t need to as she remains in shock with sagar’s event and he or she didn’t see krishna that manner at all, so she can finish her research first. Anant tries to give an explanation for her, however gehna stops him and says they shouldn’t force tia if she doens’t wan to and supply her a while. Kanak and hema grin seeing tia’s denial.

Anant returns to his room thinking what gehna is up to, alternatives her books and falls down. Gehna asks him to be careful. He says he fell in the front of own family as she wanted tia and krishna’s wedding ceremony and herself denied. Gehna says it need to be tia’s selection as its her lifestyles. Anant says she is talking an excessive amount of as her decision regarding sagar become incorrect. Tia says just due to the fact one choice changed into incorrect, all decisions cannot be wrong; a forceful marriage can not stay long.

He asks what does she suggest. She says like he married unwillingly due to bapuji’s stress and it turned into now not his selection, as a result she remains his responsibility and now not his love; she doesn’t want tia and krishna’s marriage like them as krishna loves tia and may be hurt maximum.

Precap: gehna shows own family to ship tia and krishna on trekking to peer if they’re well matched with every other. Baa receives indignant, and paresh backs her. Kanak says baa changed into indignant whilst gehna added marriage issues, now she were given honeymoon thought without delay.


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