Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Desai circle of relatives worriedly waits for anant and gehna to go back domestic.

Bapuji says he’s concerned extra and asks chetan to call anant and discover if he found gehna. Kanak thinks set the spark and its time to boom fireplace, asks chetan to ask anant if he’s pleasant as he be in trouble looking to keep gehna.

Baa gets concerned. Kanak purposefully slips and drops tea cups. Hema hopes any abshagun/inauspiciousness doesn’t show up. Anant with gehna and krishna returns and says there received’t be any abshagun once more. Baa walks toward them.

Gehna receives satisfied wondering she is coming to hug her, however baa surpasses her and walks to anant as a substitute. Tia sees gehna’s injured foot and receives worried for her. Gehna says she is great as anant stored her. Baa blames gehna for the situation and says if she had informed approximately sagar’s heinous plan, they would have covered tia and no longer let her input the wedding mandap.

She tells bapuji that kanhaji saved anant and gehna’s lives and plays their nazar. Kanak thinks she can quickly flip baa in opposition to gehna. Inside the night, tia asks gehna no longer to experience awful approximately baa’s words as she become praying for her and anant in their absence.

Gehna says its suitable if baa receives angry as there is a love hidden in anger. Tia asks when will she locate anant’s love for her. Gehna says anant saved her out of situation and doesn’t love her.

Anant was now not having food in her absence and turned into very a great deal involved for her, so its is love; she is lucky to have a person in her lifestyles who loves best her and not dual faced and its hard to get true love, feeling unhappy remembering sagar. She then receives again to normal and asks gehna if she is engrasped in anant’s mind. Gehna says no.

Tia says she is aware of bhai loves her. Anant walks in and asks what are they talk, asks tia to move and permit gehna relaxation.

Tia scoffs she can pass as he will contend with gehna and walks away. Anant gives medicinal drug to gehna. She says she were given nice after his access, she means after returning domestic with him. He says she is talking too much and asks her to have medicine or he will feed her. She consumes remedy with a peculiar face and says he frigthens her loads in recent times.

He says she doesn’t pay attention to him. She says she will be able to whinge towards him. He shuts her lips and their eyes lock. She asks why he is concerned for her. He says he will take care of her entire existence and will now not allow any hassle near her as she is his duty.

She looks at his face. He walks away smiling. Mana ke hum yaar nahi, ye tai hai ke pyar nahi.. Tune performs inside the heritage. She walks on stairs remembering his phrases and clashes with tia lost in mind. Tia asks where is she lost. She says she is going to put together meals. Paresh says she can now not as she is injured and meals is already prepared. Krishna with anant and krishna serves meals on table.

Own family joins. Gehna says they love her so much, however she isn’t that injured. She holds baa’s hand and says she need now not worry when she has such a love and caring baa. Baa asks kanak to put together turmeric milk for gehna and upload dry fruits as gehna is weak.

Kanak boils milk fuming wondering she desires to placed lizard in gehna’s milk and attempts to combine chilli powder as opposed to turmeric.

Hema catches her and says she will be able to feel her anger and blabbering and determined out she still hates gehna, she need to mix poison as a substitute and quit gehna forever. Kanak asks her to chill out, baa and gehna shot a arrow round their heart, now its her turn.

She calls panditji. Panditji visits desai family. Baa asks cause for coming. Panditji says he heard tia’s wedding is canceled, so he got here with an alliance for her. Bapuji says allow tia end her studies first. Kanak says she will continue her studies after marriage. Hiral says tia may also fall in love. Pankaj says tia is innocent and might fall for all people like she fell for sagar.

Their dialogue maintains. Anant asks them to stop their dialogue and ask tia’s opinion first. Panditji indicates groom’s image and says there’s a small trouble, this man’s spouse died closing 12 months. Tia runs away crying. Pankaj asks panditji how dare he’s to bring a second alliance for his daughter. Pandtijji says he need to thank god that his daughter is getting alliance after her wedding ceremony got canceled.

Gehna says it doesn’t count number to them as its now not tia’s fault, they’ll discover many alliance for tia. Kanak says its less difficult said than completed and people will taunt tia while she steps out of residence. Gehna says she has modern thinking, then how did her thinking alternate.

Precap: kanak informs own family that gehna fixed tia’s marriage with her first-rate buddy krishna. Baa asks gehna who gave her right to take this sort of massive selection without their permission.


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