Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa panics seeing Anant and Gehna in danger. Bomb timer stops simply earlier than blast. Anant rushes to Gehna and getting her down receives emotional seeing her hand seriously injured. Gehna says they received and he proved that he’s innocent, no one will name him terrorist now. He hugs her. Kumar attempts to assault them, however police catches him and drags him away whilst he shouts that he’ll go back to take revenge from them. Everyone clap for Anant and Gehna for his or her bravery.

Ministers honors them with a bouquet and salutes Anant for risking his own circle of relatives and personal lifestyles to shield the us of a. He additionally praises Gehna for her courageous act and asks her to mild diwali lamp. News reporter covers information and reviews that Anant grew to become from a terrorist to a hero and stored the us of a from a bomb blast. Bapuji breaks down seeing it and recollects Gehna’s promise to show Anant innocent. Baa and Paresh console him. He says those are tears of pleasure and his youngsters’s courageous act again his pride. Baa prays god for protective her youngsters and returning her own circle of relatives’s pride.

Reporter questions Anant who’s the purpose at the back of his success. He offers credit score to Gehna. Reporter than questions Gehna to show approximately her own circle of relatives. Gehna says most effective Desai own circle of relatives is her own circle of relatives. A dancer Swara reaches Anant and Gehan’s residence together along with her troop on MLA’s order. Swara introduces herself. People watch her dance and praises MLA’s type gesture in Gehna and Anant’s honor. Anant and Gehna attain domestic and query mob what’s going on here. A guy says minister has organized dance of their honor. Gehna recollects her youth pal Sona in Swara. Swara maintains dancing sensuously round Anant and Gehna. Baa with own circle of relatives walks out and forestalls Swara’s dance angrily calling her mannerless with awful upbringing, etc., and take Gehna in. Gehna tells Anant that she felt that dancer as expensive one.

Swara feels humiliated after Baa insulting her and demanding situations to go back returned and take revenge from Desai own circle of relatives. Her crew member ask her to loosen up as she is a dancer and have to now no longer trouble stranger’s phrases as they’re now no longer her expensive ones. She warns him that she doesn’t spare anyone, takes her cash and shoos him away. Anant tells Gehna that he feels she is jealous as that woman preferred him like love before everything sight.

Baa welcomes them and attempts to carry out their aarti after praising them. Kanak requests to carry out their aarti. Gehna consents and says its her right. Kanak relaxes wondering Gehna forgot her crimes and forgave her. She plays their aarti and asks them to imprint their palms on wall after their courageous act. Gehna asks if she wishes them to do some thing more. Kanak says yes. Gehna says she have to and could get shagun. Kanak thinks why she is speaking mysteriously.

During dinner, Kanak gives jalebis to Gehna and Anant. Baa serves candies to Paresh and says he’s excused today. Gehna serves candies to Kanak and says they have to revel in every second as don’t understand what’s going to appear next. Hema scoffs Kanak that Gehna is overfeeding her and is making plans to sacrifice her. Kanak fears that Gehna can also additionally need to ship her to jail, so she have to play an emotional sport and take own circle of relatives on her side. Family is going out to have ice cream after dinner.
Kank breaks wall wondering she can be able to rescue own circle of relatives and benefit their trust, despite the fact that Baa receives injured a bit.

Precap: Kanak clashes with a brand new maid and scolds her, alternatives a % and asks who’s he. Maid says her husband whom she left some years ago. Gehna feels uneasy. Kanak thinks she can be able to surprise Gehna together along with her new secret.


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