Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Surya has a get-together and strolls down holding Gehna’s hand while everybody applauds them. Sarika gets envious seeing Gehna’s exorbitant architect red dress. Daada says Gehna is looking exceptionally gorgeous and plays out her nazar. Daadi jokes even he is looking attractive. Gehna and Surya take their favors and afterward Shreya’s. Visitors offer them gifts. Suhani orders server to grab Gehna. Server makes an arrangement with his group. Gehna pardons herself and strolls towards Virendra’s pic when she conflicts with Suhani on the way. Suhani takes a gander at her indignantly and leaves. Surya strolls to Gehna and gets some information about his unexpected gift. She says she will get it and reasons herself. He inquires as to whether she is feeling anxious. She says she is and goes to her room figuring she will rejoin Surya with his genuine mother today.

She looks for Surya’s introduction to the world testament however doesn’t track down it. She calls worker and inquires as to whether he saw anybody going into her room. He says no however at that point recollects Sarika taking 4-5 saris from Gehna’s room. Gehna gets strained recollecting keeping the authentication among saris and races to Sarika’s room. Sarika could do without saris and tosses them on floor. Declaration likewise tumbles down. She picks paper. Gehna surges in and demands her to return the paper. Sarika denies and requests her red sari. Gehna denies as Surya gifted her to wear it for party. Sarika attempts to peruse the endorsement. Gehna grabs it and leaves saying its awful habits to actually look at other’s things. Sarika decides to get Gehna’s red sari. Gehna keeps the testament in a storage.

Surya gets some information about Gehna. Daadi says even she doesn’t have any idea where Gehna is. Gehna gets back to Surya. Surya asks where was she. Suhani brings a visitor and acquaints Gehna with her. Urmila calls Gehna hanging tight outside for her. Gehna attempts to leave. Suhani demands Gehna to accompany the visitor. Gehna pardons herself once more and leaves to meet Urmila. Urmila plays out Gehna’s nazar and favors her and offers desserts for herself and Surya. Gehna shows Surya to her. Urmila appeals to God for them. Gehna says she will go now as Surya is hanging tight for herself and will illuminate her about her best course of action.

Gehna gets back to Surya and signs him. Surya asks what she wants. She says she wants to improve his mouth. He gets underhanded and says he is prepared 100% of the time. She stuffs laddoo in his mouth and says a darling sent it for him. He says he wants to consume his calories with a kiss. She denies. He difficulties to kiss her during the party and appreciates sweet. He then, at that point, requests that DJ start the party. DJ reports about Gehna and Surya’s fourth month wedding commemoration. Surya reports Gehna and Suhani’s dance go head to head and demands Suhani. Gehna says they ought to move for Surya’s joy.

The episode closes.


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