Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak’s puppet medical doctor ties Gehna and attempts to present her electric powered surprise whilst Anant’s doppelganger enters Dr. Siddharth Mukherjee. Gehna receives glad seeing him. Tere liye Hum Hain Jiye Hoton Ko Siye.. track performs withinside the background. She calls him Anant ji. He asks who’s Anant ji, she is mistaken, he isn’t Anant; asks medical doctor why he has tied Gehna Desai and giving her electric powered surprise whilst she has best slight intellectual trauma. Doctor says she changed into getting aggressive. Siddharth asks in which is anesthesiologist and consent shape.

Doctor receives tensed. Siddharth says he doesn’t have consent shape and took choice himself concluded to stop Gehna’s chapter. He frees Gehna and says he’s going to get medical doctor suspended for his unethical practices. Gehna says she instructed Baa and Bapuji that Anant ji stored her earlier than and they may be glad to peer him again. He says he’s Siddharth Mukherjee. She walks toward him. He stops her and says he doesn’t like undesirable calls, she need to take drug treatments and keep in mind his name. She attempts to hug him again, however he stops and walks away asking nurse to attend to her. She runs in the back of him asking why he’s doing this. He asks if she is mad to observe him, definitely she is insane, and asks her to head again in. She maintains asking why he’s doing this to her. He says he’s Dr. Siddharth and now no longer Anant,

she shouldn’t think about strolling away and pressure him to suppose that he made a mistake through saving her from electric powered surprise. He receives into his automobile. She attempts to run in the back of him and clashes with a thief. Two girls seize Gehna and insists to go back their gold chain. Gehna frees herself and rushes to Siddharth’s automobile. Siddharth receives out of automobile scolding women and wipes his automobile pronouncing he’s possessive approximately his modern day automobile and that they spoilt it. Gehna pleads to shop her. He says she changed into performing a tigress in the front of him and now turning into a moist automobile in the front of those girls. Gehna tells women that she is Gehna and every other lady stole their gehna/jewelry, so that they need to seize her instead. They push her and run away. She hits her head on automobile and falls subconscious. Siddharth holds her.

At domestic, Baa cries for Anant and Gehna. Family attempts to console her. She feels each Anant and Gehna are again and excitedly opens door, however then receives disenchanted seeing nobody round and walks again. Siddharth enters casting off his footwear in the front of domestic temple and stepping on a tumbler piece writhes in pain. Everyone seems at door and are surprised seeing Anant again sporting subconscious Gehna. Gehna wakes up.

Baa pampers him emotionally calling him Anant and says Gehna’s consider changed into true; she prays god for returning Anant and Gehna again. Bapuji pampers him next. Siddharth says their son Anant is again, he changed into keen to satisfy them and changed into crying setting apart from them. He acts as crying retaining Baa’s arms after which laughs loudly and clapping says complete own circle of relatives is a dramebaaz; he notion this lady is mad, however complete own circle of relatives is, particularly 60+ oldie gold mom type. He insults Baa pronouncing female is going mad after 60, so she need to pester her husband and now no longer her. Baa asks why is he doing this. He asks what’s she doing.

Kanak asks him to forestall his drama. Siddharth says she seems a walkie communicate sporting clothier sari. Bapuji asks next. Sidharth says Krishna seems realistic and he need to inform what’s going on here. Baa asks now no longer to play together along with his mom’s feelings and is going to carry his image. He walks away caution them now no longer to waste his time. Baa returns with Anant’s image and cries that Kanhaji despatched happiness and took it away. Kanak thinks who that boy changed into who seems like Anant.

Precap: Gehna prays god to present her energy to show Anant isn’t a traitor, she can be able to show her husband harmless this navratri..


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