Vladimir Putin said that new unique weapons systems will soon be put on alert in Russia. On Monday, June 28, in the Grand Kremlin Palace, he met with the best graduates of higher military educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the FSB, the FSO, and the Russian Guard.

The Russian president noted that today we need not only solid, fundamental theoretical training in the field of military science, but also a willingness to constantly learn oneself. “The Armed Forces are a real fusion of advanced technologies, innovations, and knowledge,” the President of the Russian Federation stressed.

Putin recalled that hypersonic weapons – the Avangard and Dagger complexes – have already been put on alert.

“Other unique weapons systems are on the way, among them the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, the Zircon shipborne hypersonic missile, the S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft systems, and other complexes,” the president said.

He also added that taking into account the promising developments of leading research teams, defense institutes, a new state armament program is already being formed with a planning horizon until 2034.


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