The practice of making Corona virus vaccine is going on all over the world. Meanwhile, there is good news that Russia has claimed to have made another vaccine of the corona virus. Russia has approved its second corona vaccine after the initial trial. During a meeting with government officials, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that the country has approved the second corona virus vaccine ‘EpiVacCorona’ after the initial trial. Let me tell you that before this, Russia has created Sputnik-5 vaccine of Corona.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that now we need to increase the production of the first and second vaccine. This vaccine has been created by the Vector Institute in Siberia, which is peptide-based and two doses of this vaccine must be administered to prevent corona. It has been tested on around 100 volunteers.

According to news agency PTI, it has been tried for two months and now approved after the completion of its initial study two weeks ago. It is being told that the initial trials of this vaccine have been successful and that the volunteers who participated in this trial were aged between 18 and 60 years.

However, scientists have not yet published the results of the study. Scientists who developed the vaccine in an interaction with the media said that it produces enough antibodies to protect the person from the corona virus and the immunity it creates can last up to six months.

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova has received this vaccine. He had earlier said that he also participated in the initial trial as a volunteer. Golikova has said that 40,000 volunteers across the country will be selected for the next phase trial of Corona’s ‘EpiVacCorona’ vaccine. However, it is unclear whether the vaccine will be offered for wider use while trials are still ongoing. Let us know that earlier on 11 August Russia approved the world’s first corona virus vaccine Sputnik V.



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