A rogue at GTB Enclave in Shahdara in Delhi roamed a businessman for two and a half hours in the name of selling junk to the Metro construction site. During this time he also took Korobari to the bank to get the Dharmakanta and the drafts. Then on the strength of the pistol, the businessman escaped by robbing him five lakh rupees. On the complaint of the victim, the police have registered a case and taken the accused into custody. Police is investigating the matter by questioning him.

Frauded in the name of selling junk

The 22-year-old victim lives with the Bilal family in the Batla House area of ​​Okhla. He runs a towing and puncture shop along with Belding. At the same time, his father Salim also runs a scrap business. According to Bilal, on Saturday, a young man named Raju came to his shop and started asking about his father Salim. When Bilal asked the reason, he told that the junk of the metro construction site is to be sold.

Bilal took him to his father. This was followed by a conversation between father Salim and him. Then Raju called Salim the next day on Sunday near the Ali village metro depot and showed the junk lying there. The deal between the two was finalized. After this, on Monday, he called Salim near Shastri Park Metro Depot to get junk. 

Around 5 am, Bilal, his father, uncle and three brothers reached there. On calling Raju, he called him to Labor Chowk under the Mansarovar Park flyover. After they reached there, Raju reached there by bike at 9:30 am. He said that why do so many people need to come here. They told that junk would have to be loaded. On this, Raju said that there is labor in the company, he will smash himself.

Frauded to make bank draft, looted money on the strength of pistol

During this, Seemapuri Radhe took him to Dharmakanta to show dharmakanta and stopped everyone there. After leaving from Dharmakante, Raju said that the rupee will have to be drafted from the bank. He went to a bank in the GTB enclave area. There he went alone inside the bank, taking five lakh rupees from Bilal. After some time I came back and said that your father’s bank account will be drafted from the same bank. Bilal took money from him on this.

Both of them walked by bike. When both reached near the Shahdara flyover of GTB Enclave, Raju stopped the bike and asked Bilal to step down. After Bilal landed, he started asking him for money. When Bilal refused to pay the money, he took out the pistol and pointed it at him and started threatening to shoot. Raju escaped from Bilal on the strength of pistol with five lakh rupees. After this incident, the victim informed the police. The police have registered the case and taken the accused into custody.


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