According to a report by the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, the total cost of 448 infrastructure projects worth more than Rs 150 crore has increased by Rs 4.02 lakh crore.

The ministry oversees infrastructure projects worth Rs 150 crore and above. According to the report, out of 1,739 such projects, 448 have increased in cost and 539 projects are running late.

The latest report of the ministry said about January 2021, “The total original cost of implementation of 1,739 projects was Rs. 22,18,210.29 crore and now their estimated completion cost is Rs. 26,20,618.44 crore, out of which the cost is Rs. 4,02,408.15 crore. (18.14 percent of the original cost).

According to the report, a total of Rs 12,29,517.04 crore has been spent on these projects till January 2021, which is 46.92 percent of the estimated cost of the projects. The report said that if the completion of projects is calculated according to the latest timetable, then the number of delayed projects can be reduced to 401. Apart from this, the duration of completion of 941 projects has not been reported.

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