Roohi Review: Jhanvi-Rajkumar's performance in the story, the weak script made water hard

Roohi Review: In 2018, those who saw Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor’s film Stree had said, ‘O Stree Phir Aana’. But now the same banner (Maddock Films) has brought Ruhi on the same lines, so people are saying, ‘O woman, why did you come.’ Nearly a year later, a Bollywood star-film came out in theaters and it has disappointed the audience.

Jahnavi Kapoor is here with Rajkumar Rao and Varun Sharma. But there is no woman in this horror-comedy. Even if there is no comparison, Ruhi is not worth the money. In fact, the story of the film is short, which has been stretched and stretched. The result is that the audience’s interest in the horror-turned heroine with the comedy and make-up soon ceases.

Story-script-dialogue writers Mrigdeep Singh Lamba and Gautam Mehra do not tie many ends properly. They sometimes try to create comedy with words that break the leg of English, sometimes they want to make the dialogues of old films into new situations and make them laugh. But in both the cases, they have failed. Even though there is a little spark of newness in Roohi’s original idea, it disappears even after seeing it. It is said that in the horror films, logic should not be found, but here, despite wanting many things, she does not embrace.

Roohi Review: Jhanvi-Rajkumar’s performance in the story, the weak script made water hard

In the film, when seen in UP / Bundelkhand, in Bagdpur, girls are caught and married when they like them. In ‘Chachawa Shaadi’ it has been generally seen that the domineering people kidnap educated and educated boys and get them married to their girls. But in Bagdpur, girls are picked up for marriage.

This in itself is an anti-feminist idea. Local don Guniya Shakeel (human victory) picks up girls from his people here. Local journalists Bhanwara Pandey (Rajkumar Rao) and Kattani Qureshi (Varun Sharma) who work for the same also help in making a documentary on the ‘Ghatwa Shaadi’ of American reporter (Alex Onil). The twist in the story is that the witch enters the raised girls’ body after marriage. When Bhanvara and Kattani together bring Ruhi up, the situation instead of transporting them to the hideout brings them to the forest. It is found here that Ruhi’s body has the spirit of a girl named Afza. Roohi and Afja together form Rooh-Afza, but this does not cool the viewer’s heart. Afja wants to take revenge.

Roohi Review: Jhanvi-Rajkumar’s performance in the story, the weak script made water hard

When Afza becomes Roohi, Roohi does not know and when Roohi becomes Afza, many questions arise in the heart of the viewer. But even more you are shocked when you see that Bhanvara is giving heart to Ruhi but Kattani’s heart falls on Afza living in Ruhi’s body. In this way, this unique triangle of love of four souls becomes. In fact, the film starts derailing from here, the thing that looks unique, it becomes a challenge for the writers. They do not manage it and the film runs away from the audience. The climax of keeping the film like a woman implicates the viewer in the producer-director dilemma. When he looks back, he does not get answers to many questions and eventually he laughs at himself.

The reason for the film’s failure is in its script. Which gets loose as the story progresses. The writer is emptied of ideas and it seems that he is expanding the story on the confidence of the messages running in WhatsApp University. Horror is neither seen in the story nor in Roohi’s becoming a victim. In the second part, the film falls completely downhill. Rajkummar Rao does not impress except for a few occasions.

Roohi Review: Jhanvi-Rajkumar’s performance in the story, the weak script made water hard

While Varun Sharma, appearing in the role of his assistant, overshadows him in many places. But Varun’s problem is that he has never been able to get out of Fuckeray’s (2013) untouched role / image except Chichhore (2019). Actresses like Jahnavi fall for the heroine-oriented films to prove their talent. In such a situation, only the potential is seen in them, not the talent. He did not get a chance to speak dialogue here till half the film. Sarita Joshi leaves an impact in a small role.

Roohi Review: Jhanvi-Rajkumar’s performance in the story, the weak script made water hard

Hardik Mehta, who gave a film like Kama to Sanjay Mishra last year, does not control the story here. The insistence of excessive use in the last minutes, sporadic background music with exaggerated drama and confusion spoils the fun of the film. Even if we consider the ghost story to be fun, it involves magic, tricks, long scenes of chaos and fun on kidnapping incidents, takes you back in time.


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