Rohtas district of Bihar, called ‘rice bowl’, was formed on 10 November 1972. The district has Bhojpur and Buxar in the north, Palamu in the south, Aurangabad in the east, Kaimur district in the west. Its headquarters is Sasaram. There are 3 subdivisions in the district, which include Sasaram, Dehri-On-Son and Bikramganj. Rohtas district is part of Patna division. The area of ​​the district is 3850 square kilometers. The major crops of the district are paddy, wheat and pulses and industry cement, stone mining. Dalmiyanagar is the industrial center of the district. There is a tomb of Sher Shah Suri in Sasaram itself, which is a unique example of Islamic architecture. In this district with 7 assembly seats, both JDU and RJD have an equal competition. 

social structure

There is an ancient temple of Maa Askamini in Rohtas district Bikramganj. Apart from this, Rohtasgarh Fort in the district is also historical. The total population of the district is 29 lakh 62 thousand 593. In this, the male population is 15 lakh 47 thousand 856 and the number of women is 14 lakh 14 thousand 737. The literacy rate of the district is 75.59 percent. 

2015 mandate

The district has a total of seven assembly seats. Talking about Chenari (SC) assembly seat of the district, in 2015, Lalan Paswan of Rashtriya Loksamata Party won with 68148 votes. Mangalram of Congress received 58367 votes in second place. RJD’s Ashok Kumar got a total of 82766 votes in Sasaram seat. He defeated the BJP candidate by 19612 votes. Similarly, when talking about Kargahar Assembly seat, JDU’s Bashistha Singh won from here. He received a total of 57018 votes. JDU’s Jai Kumar received 64699 votes from the Dinara seat of the district. BJP’s Rajendra got 62008 votes on the second number. On Nokha seat, RJD’s Anita Devi secured 72780 votes. BJP’s Rameshner finished second with 49782 votes. RJD also occupies the Dehri seat of the district. From here, Mohammad Ilyas of RJD was the winner with 49402 votes. He was an MLA from the area 6 times. In the 2019 by-election, BJP’s Satyanarayan Singh won from here. RJD’s Sanjay Kumar Singh won from Karakat assembly seat with a total of 59720 votes. BJP’s Rajeshwar was able to get 47601 votes on second place. From here, the member of the Legislative Council from Sasaram-Kaimur is Santosh Kumar Singh of BJP.


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