BCCI's shocking decision, Chennai's pitch curator removed before second test

Roger Binny: Players Want To Be President, Clear Message From Roger Binny: ‘I always tell cricketers, my door is open. I haven’t said no to any cricketer to date, I won’t say it yet.’

Bangalore: From the president of the Karnataka state body to the highest post in Indian cricket. Member of the 83′ world-winning team, former Test cricketer, currently with the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) the president Despite being the chairman of the richest and most powerful board in the world, he refuses to change himself. As a former player, the main goal is to show interest to the players. Returned to Bangalore for the time being with the responsibility of the board. A few days ago he was in the Karnataka Cricket Association (KSCA) the president and Board President Roger Binny spoke about various issues in a special interview with the All India Press (Roger Binney). His clear message is that the ‘players’ want to remain president. Roger Binney presented this interview TV9Bangla.

When you were asked to nominate for this position, what was your reaction?

I was surprised to be asked to submit a nomination. There was only hope that I could be in the running for a position on the board. But not for top positions. When I was told that I was going to be president. The whole night was spent dealing with the matter.

Did you have any apprehensions about accepting the position?

no Over the past five decades I have been involved in various positions in cricket administration. This is nothing new. I like to take challenges and will enjoy this new challenge. Everyone says it will be challenging. I will pour all my cricketing experience here. I have traveled a lot across the country. I know where our problem is. My tenure is 3 years. I will try my best to make everything smooth.

How much can a cricketer change the administration?

a lot I joined the administration in 1998. Then many cricketers like me joined the administration together. Why not at that time we felt, the Karnataka Cricket Association needs experienced cricketers. We were members of the management committee. I knew we could make a change. Especially in the development of sports in the district. That’s the first time. learned a lot I have arranged that the players will improve. If someone has played even one Ranji match in Karnataka, he also gets a pension. This plan started two decades ago.

Can the cricketers go to the BCCI president if they want?

A member of the World Cup-winning team, the former Test cricketer does not carry pride. I will never change myself. If I wanted, I would have done it long ago. I always tell cricketers, my door is open. I have never said no to any cricketer till date, I will not say it yet.

What do you think about the current state of domestic cricket?

Sad to see Ranji’s condition now. A consecutive game in international cricket. They also have very little interest in the Ranji Trophy. In our time, we did not have so many matches like today’s cricketers, but we used to play domestic cricket whenever we got a chance during the break from playing for the country. Be it state team or club cricket. We used to do it thinking about new cricketers. They would have improved if they had had the opportunity to play with Test cricketers. The Ranji Trophy has not been played with the same urgency that it used to have for a long time. It is very necessary to bring it back. The saddest thing is that the current generation prefers franchise or international cricket.

Cricketers are showing more and more interest in becoming coaches, what do you think about it?

National Cricket Academy has many coaching courses. There are many coaches, but not many jobs. Our only job is to find them jobs. In Karnataka, we ensured one thing, every team has a coach. We have given the same advice to school teams. If the infrastructure is the same across the country, it will be very convenient for the coaches doing the course.


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