One member of the US-led military coalition was killed and five others were injured in rocket attacks near Irbil International Airport in northern Iraq. The US military base is located close to this airport.

Coalition spokesman Colonel Wayne Marotto said in a statement on social media that at least three rockets were fired between the civilian airport and the nearby US military base in the Kurdish-run area. In it, a civilian contractor of the coalition was killed and five others were injured. A US service personnel was also injured in the attack.

He did not reveal the identity of the killed contractor and said the investigation was on. At present, no organization has claimed responsibility for this attack.

Security officials, on the condition of anonymity, said at least two civilians have also been injured. Vehicles and other properties have also been damaged in the attack. They said the rockets were fired from an area south of Irbil near the border with Kirkuk province, and fell into residential areas near the airport. Earlier on 30 September, rockets were fired near the airport.


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