The RJD has made some changes in its sitting candidates for the Bihar Assembly elections, but the Congress has fielded all its sitting MLAs again. Of the 94 seats for which elections are to be held in the second phase, 14 seats have gone to the Left parties. There are also some sitting seats of RJD and Congress. RJD wants to contest about 60 seats in the remaining seats and give 20 to the Congress. But, Congress is shortlisting candidates for about 25 seats in this phase. 

The candidate is being discussed with the seat between Congress (Congress) and RJD (RJD). In both cases, both parties want to field candidates who have won the elections. However, there are some seats where both are telling their candidate as Jitau. 

On the other hand, the Congress Screening Committee met on Sunday. The list can now be released on October 14 after the election committee is approved. If the list of such first phase is released according to the strategy, then it seems that only after the time of nomination time is over, Congress will release the authorized list of this phase also. Congress gives the candidates cymbals on the last day regarding the ongoing controversy in the party, after the nomination is over, the list is made public. 

According to information from Congress sources, the party symbol has been given to the sitting candidates of four seats of the second phase along with 21 candidates of the first phase. In this, Dr. Ashok Ram from Kusheshwarsthan, Amita Bhushan from Begusarai, Ajit Sharma from Bhagalpur and Madan Mohan Tiwari from Batia have got the symbol. Aloli is RJD seat but Congress has also claimed that. The Congress wants to contest Veena Shahi from Vaishali. But the RJD wants this seat for the former Rashtriya Rashtriya Vrishin Patel recently.

 Although Veena Shahi also has good relations with former Chief Minister Rabri Devi, RJD does not want to disappoint Vrishin Patel either. Similarly, RJD has decided any candidate for Muzaffarpur seat, but Congress is seeking this seat for Vijendra Chaudhary. Congress will field the son of former Union Minister Usha Singh from Paru. The Congress has nominated Pratima Devi from Rajapakar. Apart from this, Congress has also got the Balmikinagar seat. Congress has given ticket to Rakesh Kumar Pappu from Nikhil Kumar, Lalganj.  

On the other hand, RJD has also decided most of the names with changes in some of its seating candidates. According to RJD sources, Manoj Yadav from Kalyanpur, Madan Sah from Madhuban, Chetan Anand from Shivhar, Sanjay Kumar Gupta from Belsand, Ramavatar Paswan from Rajnagar, Mohammad from Kanti. Ismail Mansoori, Prem Shankar Yadav from Baikunthpur, Neetullah from Sitting Seat Baroli, Reyazul Haque Raju, Rajesh Kushwaha from Hathua, Nutan Verma from Goraiya Kothi, Shrikant Yadav from Ekma, Sipahi Lal Mehta from Taraiya, Randhir from Chhapra, Sitting seat from Garkha Surendra Ram’s name has been fixed in place of Chaudhary.

Apart from this, Sunil Ram from Amaur, MLA from Parsa and Chandrika Rai, who is with Lalu Prasad, have gone to JDU. So RJD has given ticket to Chhote Lal Yadav from there. Dev Kumar Chaurasia from Hajipur, Mukesh Roshan from Mahua, Rina Singh’s wife Veena Devi from Mahnar have decided to fight. His son Lalan Yadav has been fielded this time in place of sitting MLA Shrinarayan Yadav of Sahebpur Kamla. It has been decided to field candidates from Gopalpur Shailesh Kumar, Ali Ashraf Siddiqui from Nath Nagar, Anil Maharaj from Asthawan, Rakesh Roshan from Islampur and Dr. Dhamendra Kumar Chandravanshi from Kumhar.


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