In the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case, the CBI is constantly interrogating him, but he has not been able to find any important clue. Here in the forensic report, since it has been revealed that Sushant had committed suicide, since then the matter seems to be slowing down. But while Sushant’s family members are on the one hand that the investigation into Sushant’s death should continue, Riya Chakraborty, after being released from jail, now wants to reveal the truth of those who spread false rumors against him in Sushant case. Riya’s lawyer Satish Manashinde has issued a statement about this. 

In the statement of Satish Manashinde it is written that – We are handing over the list of people who promoted fake stories by TV and electronic media. In the Sushant case, whoever spread rumors and shared false information regarding Riya Chakraborty, we want the CBI to re-record his statement and legal action should be taken against him for obstructing the investigation.  

Manshinde said that recently the CBI had gone to Riya Chakravarty’s house to collect the mobile number of his family where the neighbor lady also lives who had seen her with Riya a day before Sushant’s death. Please ask him personally once. You will realize what he said. 

The woman turned from her statement

Please tell that the CBI also questioned Riya’s neighbor woman Dimple Thawani. During this time, the woman refused to say that she had seen Sushant and Riya together on the 13th. He said in his statement that someone had seen and he had just heard. Even the woman did not know who the person who said it was. On this, the CBI warned Dimple not to say anything which is not true or which he has not seen with his own eyes.


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