On the lines of Sabarmati River Front in Gujarat and Gomti River Front in Lucknow, Yamuna River Front will also be built in Delhi. The DDA has started work on the construction site of the River Front on the Yamuna coast in north-east Delhi. This will be the first river front in Delhi, which will be modernized.

It will also be the first tourist destination in north-east Delhi. A fund of Rs 74 crore has been allocated by the DDA. In the first phase, work of Rs 34 crore will be done between Shastri Park Pustha to Signature Bridge in north-east Delhi.

There are plans to develop a river front from Wazirabad to Okhla. The dam at Okhla will be redeveloped and elevated. Water will be released from the Wazirabad dam and stopped by the Okhla dam, which will widen the Yamuna stream and keep enough water. A 16-16 lane path will be formed along the banks of the Yamuna. It will have an eight-lane road, a four-lane bicycle road and four-lane parking.

Sabarmati will develop on the lines of Gomti

The River Front will also be developed in Delhi on the lines of Sabarmati River Front in Gujarat and Gomti River Front in Uttar Pradesh. On the river front in Gujarat-Uttar Pradesh, the Sabarmati River has a constant amount of water higher than the normal river, so that people can enjoy boating and other water sports there.

These will be 5 key features

1. Free walk-way for general public
2. Cycle track
3. Amphitheater
4. Restaurant
5. Boating facility

Walk walk

Different types of plants have been planted here. The major attraction of the river front here is the water of the Gomti River and colorful flowering plants. In the evening, a walk-way has been built for cycle tracks and people walking.

Public will get tourist spot

The Yamuna bank will be developed as a tourist destination for the general public under the River Front Scheme.

This will be the feature

The river front built on the Sabarmati river in Gujarat is the first major river front in the country. There is a very entertaining atmosphere for the common people in the evening. There are colorful programs throughout the day. Boating and other water sports are provided.

What happens river front

The river front is the bank of the river, which is made of paved concrete structure to be able to move and cycle. It is developed near the city.

“The banks of the Yamuna will be beautified in such a way that this river front will attract people from not only Delhi but also the people of the country.” Tourism will get a boost, which will also become a source of employment for thousands of people in the parliamentary constituency. ” – Manoj Tiwari, MP


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