Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 6th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
diya says it’s so highly spiced but so right. Arjun wipes her tears. He says happy? Permit’s talk about the camp. Arjun says i listened to the whole lot you stated. However the subsequent 7 days will determine your profession. Forget everything for those seven days. Even me. You have to be the winner and no longer lose this danger. Diya says i’m able to deliver my first-rate. Arjun says you may’t lose. Diya says in coronary heart the 7 days will trade our lives. She says in heart i’m able to prove your innocence in those seven days. Diya asks arjun do you name papa mr. Agarwal because he didn’t help you or is ther any other cause? Arjun says you would understand what a father is. He’s a superman for a kid. The only who protects and helps him. I concept mr. Agarwal my that dad for me.

He’s my power, he’ll protect me. But he didn’t do it. When i was accused of medication, he just saw my destruction and stated go away badminton. He didn’t help me. I lost each my profession and my dad that day. He didn’t help me, if he can see me like that he can’t be my dad. He’s mr. Agarwal. Something occurred with me, i want you to provide its answer. Nobody stood with me, but i am always with you. We need to win. He receives emotional. Diya holds his hand and says we can win. Diya says in coronary heart sorry maa i ought to play badminton for arjun.

Scene 2
depika says so much shopping. Diya says arjun got all these things. Arjun says diya you get rest. He says bhabhi can you please percent all this for diya? Diya says don’t fear. She says you each care a lot for each other. Niharika says time for the plan. She can smash her legs. Diya says to depika i can percent don’t fear. Diya goes to her room. Niharika says time for the plan to execute. Diya involves the washroom. She washes her face. Diya slips and hits her head at the wall. She screams. Arjun runs upstairs. Niharika hides. She says i have to name mummy ji. Diya screams. She says i slipped arjun. Kush calls the health practitioner.

Madhuri says is it hurting? Diya says it’s better. The physician comes. She checks diya. Her returned, foot and head are injured. The doctor says she’s exceptional. There’s no serious damage. She could be nice. Diya receives up. She says i used to be telling them the equal. Diya says let me stroll and display yo. She walks. She says see maa, i’m first-rate. The medical doctor says which means there’s no fracture. Get one xray performed to be cautious. Niharika says why does she get lucky each time. Arjun says diya you should rest. Arjun goes out. Diya says to mahduri i need to speak to you maa. She looks at niharika. Diya says however in individual. Niharika says keep on. She attempts to concentrate in.

Madhuri shuts the door. Diya says day after today.. Madhuri says day after today you’re going to the camp? Just say surely which you are telling me that you’re going. Diya says please listen. Maduri says you are injured however you want to go. What craze is this? As soon as my arjun had the identical craze and it destroyed his lifestyles. I gained’t allow every person else be it’s sufferer. You gained’t play badminton. I received’t you cross. She breaks her racket and says it has destroyed this residence. Diya says maa please. Stop. You broke the mattress. Diya tapes it. Diya says i’m able to restoration this small crack with tape however what approximately the ones on arjun’s heart? He left badminton however there’s no lifestyles in him. He’s broken. There are many cracks in his coronary heart.

How will you fill them? He needed to suffer a lot. His heart remains unhappy. I should dry his tears and i recognize i’m able to do this. As your dil, i shouldn’t say no to you. But i’m a spouse too. I should help my husband. I need to present him a brand new desire. Please supply me one threat, if i lose, i can depart badminton but if i win you’ll get your arjun again. I promise you. Madhuri leaves. Diya says this camp is a struggle for me that i want to combat for arjun. Episosde ends

precap-diya says i want to collect all the proofs towards that karan and reveal him. I can get this stain off arjun. Best then the vintage arjun will come returned.


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