Rishton Ka Manjha

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Scene 1
Diya says maa I are aware of it turned into painful to peer Arjun that way. You need to peer him glad. But his happiness is badminton. You stated it turned into hsi lifestyles, how can I take his lifestyles farfar from him. His eyes had dreams. The alternate which you see in him is due to his badminton. He is doing the whole thing for me he desired to do for himself. He could be incomplete with out it. He turned into by myself whilst his dream turned into snatched farfar from it. Diya says how do I inform papa is answerable for all of this. Diya says we may be with him and whole his dream. If you need, I can go away badminton however will Arjun live glad that way? Can you promise? I need to peer him glad too. His lifestyles could be lower back if he has badminton. That’s his happiness. I will do the whole thing for Arjun’s happiness. Diya leaves. She remembers what Madhuri stated.

Arjun says Diya, why are you worried? Did anybody say anything? SHe says I am confused approximately the camp. He says don’t lose focus. I will manage the relaxation. You will most effective consume with I make for you. I were given grocery for me. She says so that you will prepare dinner dinner for me? He says yes. You assume I can’t prepare dinner dinner? She says Mr. Arjun Agarwal could be my chef. Diya says in coronary heart how do I let you know that mama and papa are towards your dream. Niharika hears and says how will I blend this drug?

Scene 2
Depika receives the breakfast ready. Arjun says I will make breakfast for Diya. Depika says I will make it. He says she’s my wife. Depika says allow me assist you. Niharika comes in. Depika says Diya has skilled you a lot. Niharika says Diya is lucky. Love could by no means do this. Arjun says this isn’t salon. It’s kitchen, what are you doing here? Taking Diya’s news? Arjun says you brother our agree with. Niharika cries and says nobody trusts me here. Arjun says you’ll wreck your makeup. Niharika leaves. Tina calls Niharika. She says how are you going to blend it in Diya’s food? Niharika tells her Ajrun is making her food. He isn’t letting me pass close to the kitchen. Tina says you need to do it at any cost.

Arjun offers Diya her food. He says take relaxation after breakfast. Diya says k sir. Diya eats the breakfast. Arjun says I can’t agree with anybody. Be very careful. Karan calls Tina. He says Arjun won’t be careless this time. He says my different plan is likewise ready. Karan calls his health practitioner.

Diya eats her food. Niharika involves her. She says bhabhi you? Niharik cries and says Diya forgive me. I understand you’re mad at me. I actually have harm you a lot. I broke everyone’s agree with. That’s why I can’t see you. I experience so bad. I don’t understand what to do. I experience heavy. Please forgive me and assist me. Please. I made a large mistake. I didn’t understand you’re so nice. She sits down and cries. Diya says don’t cry. I don’t hate you. I will communicate to maa and Kush. We are a family. People like Tina can’t wreck us. Niharika says thanks Diya.

Karan welcomes his health practitioner. He says five years ago, my plan labored due to your advice. What you probably did with Arjun. He says I by no means informed anybody. KAran says your profession will thrive in case you live silent. You must repeat it. The health practitioner is shocked. He says you’re appointed as fitness inspector for the camp. You must inject the equal drug in Diya’s blood. Diya thinks approximately what Amitabh stated. She writes it on a paper. She remembers what Karan stated on the reception. Diya says I need to understand the whole thing approximately Arjun’s drug case. The health practitioner says to Karan I will do it. Karan says don’t do any mistake.

Episode ends.

Precap: Manav is sitting withinside the workplace whilst Vibhav comes explaining that now the record has come on his table he have to signal it. Maria recalls Akanksha announcing she become Miss Indore 2013, Vibhav asks what’s her call, she right away replies Akanksha Awasthi/.


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