Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Arjun says wow what a drama. But there’s a twist on this drama. It hasn’t ended. Picture is left. Madhuri says are you continue to assisting her? Arjun says this isn’t the truth. Let’s try and discover the actual truth. Diya says I didn’t steal. I don’t understand this man. Tina says Niharika is gone. Arjun says Diya inform me the truth. Amitabh says what are you looking to say? Arjun says in which had been you for the reason that morning? Diya says do you furthermore mght suppose I did this? Arjun says all of us need to understand in which you had been. Diya says no person is even letting me speak.

Diya says my pal called. Payal instructed Diya that her dad isn’t well. Diya stated I am coming. SHe says I needed to depart in emergency. I texted Arjun earlier than leaving. Amitabh says display me. Diya says my telecellsmartphone is off. Amitabh says any other lie? Show it on Arjun’s telecellsmartphone. Diya says Arjun display your telecellsmartphone. If you believe me, please do this. Diya says please display your telecellsmartphone. Arjun takes out his telecellsmartphone. Niharika says display me. She says there’s no message in it. So Diya is lying? Amitabh says I understand your reality. I knew you had been a liar. There’s no message. Kush says allow me reboot the telecellsmartphone. He restarts and says Diya’s messages are here. He says papa.. I instructed you. Here it is. Kush asks Diya how did you assist Payal? She says I took Payal to the health facility I became handled at.

Arjun says Diya didn’t steal. Then who did? Who went to Mr. Singh and the way does he have them? Can you please answer. He says I don’t understand. Arjun says to Mr. Singh did you spot Diya? He says no I didn’t. Arjun says why did you lie then? I understand you needed to lie on your excessive profile clients. Right Ms. Tina Singhal? Tina is shocked. He says oh, I additionally forgot your fine pal became additionally part of it. Amitabh says so that you will blame Niharika and Tina to keep Diya? Arjun offers cash to Sinha. He says you probably did it for cash proper? You won’t get commercial enterprise from our residence. SAve your dignity and go. Tina says prevent it Arjun you can’t insult me. He says why did you do this? Arjun says once I got here domestic their plan became completed however I noticed them. Amitabh says Tina can in no way do that. Arjun says I additionally have the proof. He performs the video of her pronouncing you’ve to accuse Diya of promoting these. Everyone is shocked.

Arjun says what a plan Tina. You desired to backstab Diya to kick her out. And come again to my life. Well played. Madhuri is shocked. Mahduri says I in no way preferred you however with time I widespread you. I felt so horrific for you due to the fact I commenced calling you my daughter. I used to inform you what my coronary heart felt. I didn’t understand you had been manipulating me. And you Niharika. you went towards your family. Niharika says Tina did it. Please forgive me. She requested me to assist her kick Diya out. It’s now no longer my fault. I beg you mummy ji. I instructed her now no longer to. She trapped. Arjun says remaining a part of the drama. The residence in which girls aren’t appreciate, God shouldn’t be there either. You pray to maa durga however insult Diya? You notion this will make maa durga happy? You have harm Diya’s self appreciate. I haven’t any desire from you. Give Diya her misplaced appreciate again. Apologize. Apologize proper now.

Madhuri says DIya, we made a mistake in trusting you. We have harm you. We are sorry. Arjun says your flip Mr. Agarwal.

The episode ends…


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