Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Arjun is ready out of doors Diya’s residence. Ajit is leaving together along with his own circle of relatives however Arjun doesn’t see his face.

An inspector involves Amitabh’s residence and says I am right here to invite approximately Arjun. Amitabh asks if he did something? He says no no.. I am simply right here to invite approximately your son. Madhuri says what do you mean? The inspector says he turned into attacked the day before today via way of means of a few goons, he denied taking our assist however I am right here to invite if he turned into threatened via way of means of the goons again? Madhuri is bowled over and says Arjun turned into attacked the day before today? He didn’t inform us anything.

Arjun calls Diya and says I am ready out of doors your own home and also you aren’t taking my call? Diya says what are you doing out of doors? I can’t come to satisfy you. Arjun says then I will come inside. Diya says no no.. what do you need? Arjun says we ought to depart for education. Diya says what’s going to I inform my parents? Arjun says that’s your issue, he ends the call. Diya tells Shobha that Arjun is anticipating me so how will I depart? Shobha asks her to head from the returned door, I will manage anybody on the residence. Diya thank you her and leaves. Diya involves Arjun in saree. She says I am hiking partitions due to you. Arjun says permit’s pass for education. Diya attempts to cover her band-resource from him. Arjun notices it and says how did you get harm? Diya says I turned into reducing vegetables however I am first-rate. Arjun says you ought to be careful.

Madhuri scolds Deepika for hiding approximately the attack. Deepika says Arjun stopped me from telling anyone. Amitabh says Deepika did the proper thing. He wasn’t very injured, he fights with human beings in a under the influence of alcohol nation so permit it be. We ought to give attention to the wedding, he leaves. Tina tells Madhuri that I will contend with Arjun, I met him and he turned into first-rate.

Arjun offers his diary to Diya and says that is my education diary. It has all of the tips. He says we are able to educate at my residence. Diya says what approximately your wedding? Arjun says your suit is greater essential than my wedding. You ought to simply consciousness for your education. Let’s meet day after today at my sangeet, then we are able to practice. He begins offevolved leaving however winces in pain. Diya asks if he’s first-rate? he nods and leaves.

Scene 2
Madhuri involves Arjun and asks him to test his garments for day after today’s sangeet. Arjun says I understand you obtain to understand approximately my attack. I am definitely first-rate so don’t fear. Madhuri says you obtain harm and I didn’t even understand approximately it? You are hiding matters out of your very own mom now? She cries. Arjun says don’t fear approximately me. Arjun sees Diya calling. Madhuri says it need to be Tina so take the call. She leaves from there. Arjun takes Diya’s call. She says I desired to invite something. He says pass ahead. Diya says I turned into analyzing your diary… how is your wound now? Arjun says I am first-rate, permit’s meet day after today. He ends the call.

In the morning, Tina’s sangeet rite begins offevolved. Amitabh tells his own circle of relatives to make certain the whole lot is on par. Arjun comes there. Madhuri says you appearance handsome. Arjun smiles. Tina is getting mehndi applied. She sees Diya coming into there and tips at Niharika. Tina welcomes Diya. Madhuri glares at Diya. Diya greets her however Madhuri ignores her. Tina tells Diya I am glad to peer you right here. Thank you for coming. Niharika says she is right here for Arjun. Tina says she is right here for me. Diya will write Arjun’s call on my hand today. Diya appears on. She takes the mehndi and writes Arjun’s call on her hand. Arjun sees Diya sitting with Tina and appears on. Diya turns to peer him status there. Arjun is going from there. Diya begins offevolved going in the back of him however Madhuri stops her and says I need to speak to you. Diya appears on.

The episode ends.


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