Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Madhuri brings Diya to her room and says I recognize you don’t take items however I need to present you a present for staying farfar from Arjun. Just take this and cross from right here. Don’t come to this residence earlier than Arjun’s wedding. She leaves. Diya is hurt. Diya thinks she turned into right, I must be farfar from Arjun to preserve him farfar from badminton. Arjun comes there and says come to the bottom vicinity after mehndi so we will exercise. Diya says I must cross home. Arjun says I known as you right here and also you won’t cross until I don’t say so.

The journalists are speaking to Amitabh. Amitabh tells Love to attend to the media people. Love says sure.

Arjun involves the lawn and says this location is proper, no one comes right here so we will exercise.

Amitabh asks Tina why did you name Diya right here? We need to preserve Arjun farfar from her. Arjun desires to make Karan lose. Tina says I simply desired to peer how Arjun could react to peer that woman right here, I desired to recognize if he’s critical approximately coaching a lesson to Karan. Madhuri says I informed that woman to depart. Amitabh says she has to depart.

Arjun brings Diya to the lawn and says we can exercise right here. Diya says I don’t need to exercise, I need to move home. Arjun says you’ll play the healthy and I will speak on your husband. Diya says this my existence and I don’t need to play anymore. Arjun says I see my antique self in you, you’ll play the healthy and train a lesson to Karan. Diya says I am leaving. Arjun grabs her and shouts which you aren’t going anywhere, you’ll exercise with me. Diya unluckily appears at him. Arjun is keeping Diya whilst the reporter takes their picture. He says Arjun is having an affair in his very own mehndi, this may be proper news.

Mehndi feature goes on. Arjun is taking photos together along with his own circle of relatives. Diya attempts to depart however Deepika stops her and says you can’t depart until feature ends. Tina sits with Arjun at the stage. Diya unluckily appears at him. He asks Diya to take a seat down down. Diya nods.

Dance performances begin withinside the mehndi. Dadi dances with Niharika and Deepika. All clap for them. Amitabh and Madhuri dance next. Love dances with Deepika. Arjun continues gazing Diya and Tina notices it. Khush and Niharika funnily dance together. Khush makes Arjun dance with him. Diya smiles seeing Arjun dance. He stops whilst he sees Diya gazing him.

Tina and Arjun begin their dance overall performance on Zara Zara. Diya appears away. Later, all own circle of relatives contributors dance together. Diya smiles seeing them. Arjun involves Diya and asks why are you status alone? Come and dance. Diya says I don’t need to. Arjun says it’ll be proper to your exercise. He turns to peer Tina status there.

PRECAP – Niharika tells Tina that your could-be husband is dancing with that middle-elegance woman. Tina sees Arjun and Diya dancing after which beginning to depart from there. She fumes in anger.


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