Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Arjun says begin packing, we must depart proper now. Diya says have you ever concept approximately maa? I can’t ruin her heart. Tina is gone, the whole thing might be fine. He says this residence’s poison will stay in opposition to you. we’re going. Madhuri says my DIL won’t cross everywhere and neither could you. My domestic is incomplete with out my DILs. She will stay right here with all of us. Kush says Arjun please, papa will even take delivery of her. We are all with her. don’t depart. Madhuri says we’re sorry Diya. We made a big mistake. You had been precise from day one and we couldn’t take delivery of you due to our hate. Kush says Arjun you won’t cross proper? He says k I won’t. Kush hugs him and says thanks my brother.

Arjun says however I actually have a condition. You must take delivery of Diya with badminton and her dreams. She’s incomplete with out it. You will in no way prevent her from gambling badminton. Madhuri says k, in case you need that, I will in no way prevent Diya from gambling badminton.

Scene 2
Diya does arti with everyone. Kush says thanks for leaving Arjun. This residence could be empty with out you. I knew maa could take delivery of you. You’re coming with us to the temple. They take the idol out. Arjun is going with them.

Niharika meets Tina outside. Tina says did anybody see you? Niharika says Kush noticed me talking at the name. I instructed him I did all of it due to Tina. She says I am sorry however I had to mention that so I can live withinside the residence. Tina says you’ve got got to finish this plan. You must upload this drug in Diya’s breakfast. She will visit the camp and get tested. Don’t make any mistake. You are on Kush’s radar. Tina says I recognise you’re now no longer innocent. I will do the identical with you as soon as my plan is done.

Scene 3
Amitabh says on name how will you do this? I didn’t recognise Karan’s workplace turned into gonna have a raid. How are you able to forget? When Karan trapped Arjun withinside the drug plan, I didn’t stand with Arjun. I stood with Karan. If I lose this agreement my agency gets close down. Diya hears it. She’s shocked. Diya says how can papa do this? Madhuri comes. She says what are you doing right here? Diya says I turned into going to my room. Madhuri says include me.

Niharika hides the medicine. She says I will supply it to Diya at any cost. Madhuri says to Diya whilst Arjun stated he turned into gonna depart the residence, I turned into truely scared. So whilst he stated approximately your badminton condition, I had no choice however to mention yes. In my heart, I don’t need you to play. It break Arjun’s lifestyles. If you play, I can’t hold Arjun farfar from it. I recognise you care approximately Arjun and you may apprehend me. You need to carry mild to Arjun’s lifestyles however it can’t take place with badminton. Leave this game. You have to be wondering I am selfish. For my son, I am taking your dream farfar from you. I don’t recognise what to do. I am mother. I can’t see my son in pain. I actually have visible Arjun’s lifestyles end up hell due to badminton. It will break your lifestyles too. Please depart it. I need you to begin a brand new lifestyles with Arjun. this residence, own circle of relatives the whole thing is yours. Just depart badminton. Arjun will in no way accept as true with me. Just take delivery of this. Please say something. Diya what can I say maa.

Episode ends..


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