Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Amitabh the jewellery isn’t right here and so isn’t Diya. Pandit ji asks Depika in which are relaxation of the people? Diya comes home. Depika and Kush are greatly surprised ot see her. Depika asks in which had been you? Diya says I will inform you everything. Is the pooja starting? Let me get ready. Madhuri says stop. Where had been you until now? Diya says what occurred maa? Whay are you all searching at me like this. Tina says Niharika time to begin the drama. Amitabh asks for a great deal did you promote the ones necklaces? Diya says what necklaces? He says the only you stole from Madhuri’s room. You switched off your telecellsmartphone so we suppose you’re in hassle. I recognize center elegance women like you. Diya says what are you announcing papa? Yes I went to get the necklace. When I heard approximately Arjun’s coincidence I positioned all of them back. Kush says Depika stated the same. Amitabh says I don’t consider her at all. Don’t be her lawyer. She did that drama of Arjun’s coincidence as well.

Diya says maa I didn’t even take any. Madhuri says in which had been you? Amitabh says now inform a tale the way you had been in hassle. He says Niharika test her bag first. Niharika tests and says there’s not anything in it. He says yeah she should have left it at her parent’s place. Diya says please sufficient papa. She says Arjun why are you silent? Do you all suppose I stole? They are calling me a thief and you’re listening. Niharika says to Tina how is Arjun silent? Is he additionally doubting her? Amitabh says we recognize your dad doesn’t have a job. Someone needed to get him cash. so ou did this. You used a shortcut. Diya says you can’t accuse my dad and mom. I need to assist my dad and mom however with my badminton.

Kush says a person should be trapping her. Amitabh says yeah she has many enemies. This is some other tale now. He says I recognize the way to recognize people. Diya can by no means do that. Kush says Arjun say something. Amitabh says close up. Amitabh says solution me in which is the cash Diya or I will name the police. Diya says I will handiest solution the police due to the fact their solutions won’t harm me. At least they may ask for proofs.

A guy is available in and says is Diya right here? He’s the jeweler. Tina gave him cash. Amitabh says yes? He says Diya Mukerjee. Diya says who’re you? He says you gave those necklaces to my staff. I identified that those are Agarwal family’s. So I got here right here.

Scene 2
Karan calls Tina. He says I ought to discover what’s hapepning in Agarwal house. Karan asks his defend who got here to camp yesterday? He says no one. Radhu kaka got here. Karan says Radhu helped Arjun. Karan calls somoene and says put together an association for Radhu.
The jeweler says those really well worth 1 crore. I could advise you now no longer to inform them. Diya says who’re you? Amitabh says sufficient of lying. Diya says Arjun he’s lying. she says why are you lying? He says madam you introduced them. Diya says Depika Kush, I didn’t thieve. Someone is framing me. I didn’t thieve you. Madhuri says I made a mistake with the aid of using trusting you. You broke my consider. Diya says don’t say this maa. Madhuri says this suggests your upbringing. Diya cries. Madhuri says Amitabh is right. This is your and your family’s truth. Diya cries. Amitabh says permit me name the police. Madhuri says no. I don’t need any hassle withinside the pooja. Everything will occur outdoor the house. I won’t permit her live right here. Get out of this house.

Diya cries and says Arjun.. please. Maa please don’t do this. I didn’t thieve. Madhuri says get out. Diya walks toward the gate. Arjun claps. Everyone is greatly surprised. Diya stops.

Episode ends.


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