Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Madhuri goes to Arjun’s room and inquires as to whether all is great? You came early final evening. Arjun moves from her so she can’t see his injuries. He says you are giving me love today. Madhuri says soon you will end up being Tina’s so allowed me to spoil you. Arjun says I am forever your child, I need tea first then I will converse with you. She says OK and leaves. Arjun says I need to call Diya, she should be concerned.

Diya is attempting to go into Arjun’s home yet the watchman stops her. She says I am here to meet Arjun Agarwal, I am from a media. I will take his meeting for his wedding. I will print your photograph on paper as well. She snaps his picture. The gatekeeper permits her to head inside. Shobha holds up outside.

Deepika comes to Arjun and says you should meet a specialist. I’m stressed over you. Arjun says I am fine. Tina and Niharika come there. Tina shows him the outfits and requests that Arjun attempt these for estimations. Arjun says I am languid so if it’s not too much trouble, leave. Niharika says we will begin with his head. Arjun says Tina is great so I don’t have to have a go at anything. Tina takes a turban and is going to put it on his head. Arjun is stressed as he has a physical issue on his head.

Diya is going inside Arjun’s home and stops in the nursery. She says anybody can remember me there. She stops a worker and requests that he call Arjun Agarwal, I am here to take his meeting. He says alright.

Tina is going to put the turban on Arjun’s head however the worker comes there and says a correspondent is here to take Arjun’s meeting. Tina says what? These media individuals are consistently behind him. I will proceed to meet her. Arjun says she is here to meet me. Tina says these media individuals consistently trouble you with past questions so I will deal with her. She leaves from that point.

Diya sees Tina going to her. She gets strained. Tina is moving toward her. Diya says what is Tina doing here? Tina says for what reason would you like to meet Arjun? He can’t meet you as he is occupied. You can get some information about him, I am his eventual spouse. Which paper would you say you are from? Diya hacks Kolkata paper. tina asks her for the ID card. Diya gets stressed.

Mohan tells Meera that somebody saw Ajit battling with some person. I have called Sadna. Sadna comes there with Ajit. Mohan says for what reason did you call him? Sadna says you individuals are stressed so I thought to explain everything. Ajit says I will stop for a minute occurred. A person was attempting to take somebody’s telephone. I attempted to stop him however he began beating me so I needed to answer him back. Then, at that point, I called the police. I realize your neighbor saw me and thought wrong.

Arjun comes to Tina and Diya. He says how are you columnist? What’s going on? Tina looks on and inquires as to whether you know her? Arjun says yes. Diya hacks. Arjun tells Tina that I will give her a meeting so she can settle the garments. Tina leaves from that point. Diya murmurs in alleviation. She gazes at Arjun.

Ajit tells Mohan that he can’t allow wrong to happen to anybody. I’m upset for stressing you. Mohan says it’s alright, I realize you are the perfect individual for Diya. Sadna says it’s acceptable everything is cleared. Ajit says I should leave now. He goes from that point with Sadna. Sadna thinks on the off chance that it was not intended for cash, I wouldn’t trap a guiltless young lady with this Shakti (Ajit’s genuine name).

Arjun inquires as to whether she was feeling the loss of her preparation? Diya says how could you realize I was here? Arjun says great inquiry. The flashback shows how Arjun saw Shobha outside the house from the window and acknowledged Diya should be near. He tells Diya that I was not calling you then you came here? He chides her yet Diya is concerned. He asks what was the deal? Diya cries and says you are admonishing me. Arjun says don’t cry. Diya says I simply needed to see you, I heard you shouting and was so stressed. Arjun says I broke my telephone after certain thugs assaulted me. Diya says you should be harmed, I realize you should have not gone to a specialist. Arjun says don’t stress over me, go from here before anybody sees you. Diya begins to leave yet stops and inquires as to whether he is fine? Take medication on schedule. Arjun gestures. She requests that he call her when he is free, he gestures. Diya grins and leaves.



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