Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
The make-up artist says you appearance so pretty. Guests begin coming. They say to like you regularly occurring a bengali dil? People preserve talking. Love receives angry. Depik tells dadi dia is getting geared up. Niharika known as a make-up artist for her. But with out maa this reception is incomplete. Dadi says now no longer anymore. She comes with Arjun. People ask madhuri approximately Amitabh? She says maa the drama is now in the front of the world. Dadi says Diya is our DIL. Niharika says allow’s do the rituals. Madhuri says I’m right here to shield this family’s call only. I won’t do any rituals.

Depika says allow me get Diya. Niharika says I’ll carry her. Tina says are you going to carry her? Niharika says it is going to be a lot fun. Arjun and Diya come downstairs. Diya has accomplished a ghunghat. Niharika says dadi allow’s do her munh dikhai. Dadi asks Madhuri to come. Dadi says Madhuri take off her ghunghat. Madhuri takes to the air the ghunghat however diya’s face is normal. Niharika and tina are shocked. dadi says she seems beautiful. Dadi does relaxation of the rituals. Tina leaves in anger.

Dadi offers Diya their family’s i history bangles. Dadi says you’ve whole proper on them. Tina says what’s this Niharika? She seems normal. Niharika says I paid double to the make-up artist. Tina says changed into this the plan? Everyone is appreciating that Diya with Arjun. Niharika says that artist despatched me her picturegraph too. Tina leaves in anger.

Depika and anyone offers Diya and Arjun gifts. They arise and are available close to niharika. Diya says won’t you supply us blessings? Diya touched her ft and says how do I appearance? Niharika says good. Pretty. Diya says sorry dadi I couldn’t get geared up the manner you desired me to. The artist attempted however a lot make-up doesn’t in shape me. Thank you. Niharika leaves. Diya and Arjun smile.

Scene 2
Arjun stated earlier than the reception I want to get diya’s files to check in her for the championship. Let me ask Diya. He got here to the room. Diya stated you can’t come in. You can’t see my face earlier than munh dikhai. He stated name your dad and get your files. Diya’s dupatta fell and Arjun noticed her face. She says I’m hiding my face for ritual. He says in case you cross like this anyone will laugh. You see yourself. She says niharika stated I can’t see my personal face earlier than the rituals. Arjun says you can’t cross downstairs like this. He says you seem like a painting. Let me display you.

Arjun confirmed her the mirror. Diya cried and stated what’s this? This seems so bad. There’s no time. Niharika requested me now no longer to peer my face. Arjun stated don’t cry. Sit right here. He wiped clean her face. Diya stated I can repair this. You simply assist me. He were given her everything.

Karan arrives on the reception. He says celebrations name for friends.

Episode ends.


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