Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Dadi involves Moha and Mira to ask them for the reception. She says you all should come. Diya is our DIL now. Mohan says you made my coronary heart loads lighter. Dadi says Diya can be glad in that residence. Mohan says we recognise you may love her even greater than us. He says you all should come. Although it’s your daughter’s residence so that you don’t want any invitation to return back there. Kaki says bhabhi kicked us out and dadi invited us? Shobha says they’re exact to ehr.

Tina says this reception can be complete of drama. Diya gets her present from Karan and her own circle of relatives could be embarrased. She took my Arjun from me. Now the complete metropolis will see her drama. She tells the plan to Nisharika.

Scene 2
Mira prepares gifts. Mohan says that is keen on Diya’s own circle of relatives. He enables Shobha and Mira. Mohan says could they just like the matters we take? Mira says they’re exact people. Kaki says you can’t purchase matters in their worth. Mira says we aren’t looking to compete. Mohan says they’re fine people. Kaki says suppose earlier than you cross. How will you solution people? And Diya, how will seh face such a lot of people? Mohan says Arjun is with Diya.

Tina says to Madhuri aunty why are yo now no longer equipped? Niharika says the visitors are coming. Tina says you need to introduce Diya. Madhuri says she is’t my DIL. Why could I introduce her? tina says there can be many visitors. You should be there. Mahduri says what is going to I inform people? My coronary heart isn’t massive like yours. I need a few peace. Arjun says maa with out your benefits this reception won’t complete. Madhuri says Tina ask him to leave. Arjun asks Tina and Niharika to leave. Madhuri says cross from here. Arjun says I can’t cross farfar from you. I overlooked you loads. She says cross from here. I don’t need to speak to you. Arjun says please take a seat down here. You may be mad at me. You have usually been with me. I idea you’ll be with me on this choice as well. I recognise you’re harm. But permit’s cease it please? Diya is likewise harm like you. When I met her, she had not anything greater than her dream. Her lifestyles could cease if her dream broke. The manner I did. You usually locate peopel who damage your dream. But I desired to guard her dream. I will in no way will let you down. Please receive us.

Scene 3
Depika receives Diya equipped and says you appearance pretty. Niharika says I will take care of the make-up. Depika you cross and spot the visitors. Depika says but.. Niharika says you ought to cross downstairs. Depika says ensure she seems the best. Niharika says don’t worry. Niharika says permit me get you equipped Diya. Everyone will have a take a observe you. I recognise you’re now no longer used t steeply-priced make-up. Let the artist do their job. Don’t see the mirror. You will appear to be a fairy. She says it isn’t an awesome omen for lady to peer mirror. Do ghunghat and are available downstairs. It’s our ritual. She asks the make-up artist to get her equipped. Niharika tells Tina it’s done.

Karan is on his manner with flowers. He says a present that you may don’t forget all the time Arjun. Badminton were given you married, it’s going to damage your lifestyles as well. Diya can in no way defeat Arjun.

The make-up artist does Diya’s humorous make-up. She says non one has to peer your face earlier than the gmunh dikhai.

Episode ends.


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