Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Arjun comes outside Diya’s home and calls her. He says meet me tomorrow before the capacity, I need to talk about something significant. Diya says where right? Arjun says I am outside to pick a few things. Diya says it’s your wedding in certain days so for what reason would you say you are outside? Return home at the present time. Arjun inquires as to for what reason do you sound strained? What was the deal? Diya says everything is okay however I figure you ought to invest energy with your family. Arjun says that is it? Diya says no, I feel like something wrong will occur. You shouldn’t meander outside, simply return home. Ajit is passing by Arjun’s vehicle and reviews how he had beat him previously.

Ajit tells his hooligans that we should beat him today for that day. Arjun is on the call and reveals to Diya that nothing out of sorts will occur, simply watch Riya’s preparation recordings. Diya says you simply return home. Arjun emerges from the vehicle and says I will return home once my work is finished. He pivots to see hooligans remaining there. Ajit comes behind him and hits him on the head with a stick. Arjun shouts. Diya hears it on the call and yells Arjun what was the deal? Advise me. Meera requests that Diya come, her dad is calling. Diya thinks what’s going on with Arjun?

Ajit attempts to beat Arjun yet he attempts to stop him. His hooligans beat him. Ajit says I don’t extra individuals who attempt to screw with me. Ajit sees the police coming there and flee with his thugs. The police ask what was the deal? Arjun says they seem like neighborhood hooligans. I’m fine.

Diya comes to Mohan. He shows her the wedding cards. Diya is stressed over Arjun and doesn’t respond to him. He asks what was the deal? Diya says these are pleasant. He requests that she make tea for him. Diya comes into the kitchen and is stressed. She begins making tea however erroneously consumes her wedding card. Meera comes there and stops her. She asks where is she lost? Mohan comes there and says it smells like consuming? Meera says nothing. Mohan requests that Diya give the example card back to him, he leaves. Meera reveals to Diya that consuming a wedding card is anything but a decent sign. Diya is simply stressed over Arjun.

Scene 2

Arjun gets back home and is harmed. Deepika asks what was the deal? I will call mother. Arjun says I am fine. I will utilize medical aid. Simply relax. Deepika says we should tell Maa. Arjun says she will stress, simply bring the emergency treatment box. Deepika goes to bring it. Niharika goes to Arjun’s room and sees him harmed. She thinks what befallen him? She goes from that point. Deepika brings medical aid and helps Arjun.

Deepika cries and says I can call the specialist. Arjun says I am fine, don’t tell anybody about this. Deepika inquires as to whether he battled with another person? Niharika says he has turned into a hooligan too. They will conceal this yet I can mention to Tina what her Arjun is doing. Arjun discloses to Deepika that I am all OK, simply go at this point. Deepika requests that he rest and leaves. Arjun reviews about Diya and sees that his telephone is no more. He says I left my telephone there as it were. How might I contact Diya now?

Diya is calling Arjun yet he isn’t getting. Diya is stressed and says how would I see whether he is fine or not?

Niharika hurries to Tina and says I saw Arjun in an awful condition. She discloses to her beginning and end. Tina gets stressed. Niharika says you need to see such a huge amount before the wedding. Perhaps he got injured while preparing that young lady. Tina says we shouldn’t enlighten anybody regarding this. Arjun resembles this main, he is mine so I realize how to deal with him. She thinks I need to see whether Diya is engaged with this.

In the first part of the day, Diya discloses to Shobha that I need to meet Arjun. I feel something happened to him. Shobha says for what reason do you stress over him to such an extent? Diya says he didn’t call me, I need to meet him. Shobha says yet how? Diya says I have a thought. She takes her from that point.

Arjun awakens and is in torment. Madhuri comes there.

Diya and Shobha come outside Arjun’s home. Diya covers her face with glasses and attempts to go inside yet the watchman stops her. Diya looks on.

The scene closes.


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