Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 25th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Diya reviews how Arjun revealed to her that his mom saw him enduring in view of badminton, I had lost myself however at that point you came into my life and showed me fire for this game. Your soul showed me that I can battle against Karan and prevent him from doing shamefulness, your triumph is my triumph. My family needs to see me cheerful yet they will not comprehend my genuine satisfaction is with badminton. The flashback closes. Diya says he is prepared to battle for others’ fantasies yet his own family doesn’t comprehend his fantasies. She petitions God to show her a way to help Arjun.

Khush shows wedding cards tests to the family. Madhuri says Khush is so imaginative. Khush says we ought to ask Arjun. Madhuri says he doesn’t have time. Arjun comes there and says what difference would it make? He takes a gander at the cards and says they are decent. He says these are acceptable yet they don’t coordinate with Mr. Agarwal’s status. Amitabh frowns at him. Arjun says we ought to have gold and silver lining. Amitabh says he is correct, it’s with regards to our honor so how about we do it. Arjun says I like gold and silver on prizes just so don’t burn through your time. He begins leaving yet Tina’s dad Singhal shows up there with his workers bringing gifts. Amitabh invites him. He says I brought a few presents for all of you. Much obliged to you for dealing with Tina. He requests that Arjun go to the display area and select a games vehicle, it will be a wedding gift from my side. Arjun says you can give that cash to somebody who needs it, I needn’t bother with your political cash. He asks where is your little girl? Singhal says she went to welcome Diya to the wedding capacity. Arjun is furious hearing that.

Shobha and Meera are choosing things for Diya. Meera shows the gold jewelry she made for Diya. Shobha’s mom says she needn’t bother with this load of stuff. Tina shows up there. Shobha invites her. Tina says I came to meet Diya, would you say you are largely planning for her wedding? Meera calls Diya. Diya comes there and sees Tina. Tina says I came here to welcome for my sangeet work. She gives her garments and says this is your outfit for sangeet, we have a topic so you need to wear this. You need to come for Arjun and me. Tina thinks she needs to come there so I can show her place. Diya says I probably won’t have the option to leave. Tina says essentially attempt. Diya sees Arjun considering her and cuts his call. Arjun calls her once more. Diya attempts to disregard it. Tina says you can accept the call, it should be significant. Diya accepts the call. Arjun says don’t utter a word, I realize Tina is there to welcome you. Try not to say no, simply acknowledge the greeting. We need to meet before the match and this will be a decent possibility. He closes the call. Tina requests that Meera permit Diya to come in the sangeet work. Meera says I should ask Mohan. Mohan comes there and says I wouldn’t fret Diya going there, I need Arjun’s family to not have any bad insight about Diya. Tina says incredible, she gives the garments to Diya and says you can’t say no at this point. Diya takes it from her and looks on. She thinks I feel bizarre yet I need to go as Arjun asked me. Tina figures I will see her now.

Madhhuri is concerned and discloses to Deepika that I did a misstep to believe that Diya. For what reason is Tina welcoming her? I would prefer not to see her face. Niharika comes there and says Tina is exceptionally keen. Madhuri asks how did she respond? Niharika says Tina offered garments to Diya, she is a working class young lady so she will not have costly garments, it’s acceptable she is coming here so we will realize what is happening among Arjun and her. Madhuri says I would prefer not to see her in my home, Arjun scrutinized his mom interestingly in light of that young lady.

Arjun sees Amitabh and Singhal sitting in the parlor. Arjun attempts to leave however figures they will address me on the off chance that I leave. He thinks I need to get stuff for Diya for the match. He bounces from the window and goes out. He feels torment in his foot in the wake of bouncing down yet goes from that point.

Diya says I am as of now terrified and feel strange. Something wrong will occur. She goes to God to maintain everything in control.

PRECAP – Diya calls Arjun and requests that he return home. Arjun says I will not leave till the work is finished. Ajit comes behind Arjun and hits on the head. Diya hears it and inquires as to whether he is fine? She gets stressed for him.


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