Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 25th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Dadi and depika examine diya operating and appreciate her. Dadi says you’re very hardworking. Diya says want your blessingsz dadi says you deliver benefits here.

Tina says to Madhuri please don’t cry. She says i by no means spoke to every body this rudly. I hate this girl. I love my son a lot. I notion you’ll be my dil and daughter. But the whole lot is ruined now. Tina says I additionally desired to be your daughter. But it’s too late. Niharika says she cooking withinside the garden. She made clay stone there. Stop herz

Arjun says to diya what are you doing? You will burn your hand. She says no please I need to do this. You can mild this range for me so I don’t burn my hand. Diya says I’ll be ok now. Diya begins offevolved cooking.

Scene 2
Madhuri says what’s she looking to prove. I won’t allow her cook. Diya follows the recipe. Dadi says I desire she receives all happiness. Madhuri will love her the maximum in no time. Depika says my video isn’t operating. My internet isn’t operating. Depika and dadi manual her. They confuse her.

Kush says dad left already. Dadi says how should he? Kush says he would possibly have some thing important. Dadi says I’ll see him. Dadi says we need to invite diyas own circle of relatives too on the reception. Diya says what if a person says some thing to them? Dadi says I’ll see who misbehaves with them. We will invite them. Arjun says anyone will come. I even have invited all of the guests. Kush says papa might be mad. Arjun says he usually is. Depika says we need to get you each exercise for dance too. Arjun says we’ll see. How can we deliver this khichdi to maa? Depika says it’s kheer don’t tease her.

Scene 3
Tina says this diya already has dadi and depika on her side. How do I prevent her. Diya does pooja. Dadi says I’m very hapoy today. You did your ritual well. Give it to madhuri first. Diya says what if she doesn’t like it? Dadi says she can be able to devour and love it. Niharika sees diya taking kheer. She shuts the door. Dadi says prevent niharika. Diya receives in and is going to madhuri. She says i were given the primary one to you after God. Niharika days I’m on diet. Diya says maa you inform me how is it? Madhuri appears away

The episode ends.


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