Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 23th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Diya wakes up. She says my foot fells better. Diya attempts to walk. She says Arjun did magic. Deepika says you need to do kitchen ritual today. You must make kheer or halwa. Diya says I can’t make anything. Deepika says I will assist you. Arjun becomes your fan. Diya asks wherein is he? Deepika says he went out to do looking for you. He cares for you. Diya says I am so scared approximately this ritual. Why do ladies must do this? Depika says it’s a check for ladies.

Scene 2
Arjun is on his way. All stores are closed. Arjun calls a shopkeeper.
Amitabh indicates all of the information papers to Madhuri. Tina says relax uncle. There’s kitchen ritual goijg on. Diya will make dessert for all and sundry. Madhuri says what? Is that woman withinside the kitchen? Tina says she might be. Madhuri says I won’t allow he input the kitchen.

Diya is worried. Depika says I don’t assume Arjun can discover sares. Dadi says if he doesn’t come deliver her Tina’s saree. Arjun says why? I were given Diya many sarees. Why could she put on a person else’s clothes? All stores had been closed so I had to name a fashion dressmaker. How do you do shopping. Depika says wow? Worked so tough for shopping? Dadi says he’s turn out to be responsible. Arjun says don’t tease me. Dadi says you’re so lucky. Husbands in our age could in no way save for women. You are lucky. She says Depika get her ready. Arjun leaves.

Depika says those small matters be counted a lot. Arjun cares for a you a lot. Not all and sundry is that lucky. Which one could you put on? Madhuri says I won’t allow her ente the kitchen despite the fact that I must pass in opposition to maa. Niharika says bhabhi and dadi are taking her to the kitchen. you ought to see her fashion dressmaker saree. Tina says fashion dressmaker saree? Niharik says Arjun were given her new sarees. Tina says wherein had been many sarees? Niharika says she may have demanded one. Ambitabh says she’s fooling Ajrun and he’s being fooled. Stop all this Madhuri.

Scene 3
Depika says Diya you appearance so pretty. Diya says I am definitely scared. Depika says the whole thing might be fine. Depika says Arjun quality choice.. I imply of saree. Daddi says you appearance so pretty. Come allow’s begin cooking. Kush says Arjun you furthermore may come. He says why? Depika says see how she cooks. Madhuri stands at the door and says no person will visit the kitchen. My entire own circle of relatives goes in opposition to me. Dadi says she can be able to do the kitchen ritual. Madhuri says I don’t be given her as my DIL. I won’t allow her input my kitchen.

Diya leaves. She locks her room. Depika says I understand you’re harm approximately what maa said. She’s angry. Don’t take it for your heart. Dadi says Diya please open the door. Arjun says don’t pressure over it. You don’t understand the way to prepare dinner dinner anyway. It’s okay. We have extra time to practice. Let’s pass. Kush says is she now no longer opening? Depika says she is harm through what ma said. Kush says allow’s damage the door. Arjun breaks the door. Diya falls, Arjun preserve her. Diya says sorry bhabhi. I had headphones on. Kush says what had been you looking? Arjun kicks him. Diya says I became looking the video the way to make kheer. Arjun says why? Diya says must do the ritual. dadi says how are you going to do it? Madhuri isn’t letting you withinside the kitchen. Diya says I could make dessert out of doors the kitchen as well. Arjun says how are you going to do it? Diya says I will.

Diya and Kush make stone range withinside the garden. Kush says in no way notion there could be such filmy scenario withinside the residence. He says so that you will prepare dinner dinner here? Diya says cooking for the primary time. He says I like your confidence. Any woman could had been pissed approximately maa said. Diya says she has a proper on us. Elders can get mad at us. You gave recognize and significance to this residence’s rituals. Diya says her anger is justified. I even have a relation with this residence and I will cope with all of the obligation I even have. Niharika appears at them in anger. She says I will train him a lesson. Let me inform Tina as well.

Episode ends.


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