Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Diya says I need to visit arti. I by no means requested you for whatever. Just come to the arti. Arjun says you can’t visit arti, Madhuri says why now no longer? She is properly now. Diya says yes. Madhuri says Depika will deal with her. Depika assist her get ready. arjun leaves. Diya says what took place to him. Mahduri says he won’t come. He desires to run farfar from the ones memories.

Nikharika fights with Kush and says you need to make a laugh of me via way of means of getting me insulted. Let me die. I might alternatively kill myself. Kush says alternate your self earlier than it’s too late. This is your remaining warning. If you do such matters again, I will overlook there’s whatever among us.

Scene 2
Diya calls her mother and says I went to get flowers. I am excellent don’t worry. She says to depika I can’t inform her approximately the snake bite. She gets worried. DEpika says permit me assist you get ready. Diya says I desire Arjun comes. Diya says my coronary heart says he’ll come for me. Arjun sees his kurta. Diya says permit’s visit his room as soon as and perhaps he may determine to come. Depika says I will pray.

Diya involves Arjun’s room and says are you in washroom? Tina says he’s now no longer home. He left. He leaves the residence in this day. Arjun receives a name and says I am coming there. He leaves in a hurry. Diya says maa might get simply sad. Let me name Arjun. Diya calls Arjun. He cuts and says I won’t permit this fact slip out of my hands. Diya says he isn’t always picking.

Scene 3
The pooja starts. Love says papa you appearance excited. He says it’s pooja day. Where is Kush? He can dance. We 3 can dance. We don’t want Arjun.

Kaka tells Arjun he noticed Karan going within the shed. He has by no means filed tax. He turned into dealing for a corrupted tender. Karan were given the coins and saved it in his locker. Arjun says I am positive he’s making plans to destroy Diya’s profession like mine. I will destroy his plan and disclose him earlier than that.

Scene 4
Tina says did Kush inform Arjun? Niharika says now no longer yet. Tina says we can’t do whatever proper now. We need to be careful.
Dadi tells Diya how Arjun gave anjali after years. She says I recognize Arjun will come to the arti. You will persuade him. Diya says he’s now no longer home.

Arjun and kaka sneak in. They attempt to search for the locker. The watchman receives alerted. Kaka and Arjun come to the office. They search for the report. Karan is outside. He forogt his automobile keys. Karan is going lower back closer to the office. Arjun is seeking out the report. Arjun reveals the report. He says this report certainly tells approximately his corruption. I will disclose Karan. Karan comes in. He says how are lighting on? The door si open too. Arjun and kaka hide. Karan sees matters messed. Arjun is hidden below the table.

Episode ends.

Precap- Madhuri involves diya ans says i need to offer you my jewelry after pooja. Tina says that is the pleasant risk to show madhuri in opposition to Diya.


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