Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 22th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Dadi says Diya is it hurting? She says dadi I could be okay. Arjun says you’re now no longer. Show me. Diya says I wil follow it myself. You don’t touch. Arjun says how will I follow it with out touching? He applies haldi on her foot and says if it doesn’t get higher I will name a doctor. Diya says I will do it. Dadi says allow him do it.

Amitabh says I experience so helpless. I desired you to stay on this residence as my daughter Tina. If you wanna cross I won’t forestall you. I realize you’re hurt. Tina says his residence is mine. You are all my own circle of relatives. All the rituals that I needed to do, Diya will do the as your DIL. Madhuri says never.

Scene 2
Mohan says if their servants are speakme to Diya that manner how could the own circle of relatives be treating Diya? Babblu says how become Diya? Show me her photo. Mira says they kicked us out. We couldn’t even see her. Mohan says it’s now no longer his fault. Don’t scold him. Mira says did we hurry? The defend stated Diya will come back. Mohan says Arjun won’t ever depart her. Mira says he ought to realize we’re involved for him. Shobha says Arjun’s telecellsmartphone is off. Mohan says strive again. Shobha says his telecellsmartphone continues to be off.

Tina says your anger is justified. Please do all of the rituals. I wanna see them if I couldn’t do that. Can I live right here? Amitabh says you’re my daughter, you may live right here so long as you need. Tina says aunty you need to preserve Arjun farfar from badminton right? What if Diya does it? Madhuri says Arjun won’t cross near that woman Diya and badminton. Niharika preserve an eye fixed on her. Niharika says to Tina you’re displaying any such large heart. Tina says I will take badminton from your lifestyles Arjun after which Diya.

Scene 3
Deepika brings painkiller. She says relaxation Diya, then change. Dadi says put together for the rituals. Deepika says I don’t assume all people could do them. Arjun says why? Diya is the DIL of this residence. She will do all of the rituals.

Love says Arjun has ruined our own circle of relatives’s call. People are thinking us. Dadi says name humans and receive it. Show them the rituals. Amitabh says we can’t damage our own circle of relatives’s call anymore. Media will make news. DAdi says they will. Let them do it. Diya is the DIL of this residence. She is Arjun’s spouse and he or she will do all of the rituals. If Arjun leaves, humans will query then you definitely too. Would you receive that?

Scene 4
Diya is involved approximately her own circle of relatives. She says how ought to I name them? Id on’t actually have the telecellsmartphone. Arjun comes there. He says lacking your own circle of relatives? Call them. They have to be lacking you as well. Diya calls mohan. Mohan says are you okay? We had been so involved. We knew Arjun is with you however did all and sundry deal with you well? Diya says baba all and sundry has everyday me. They are very nice. Don’t fear approximately me. Mira says why didn’t you inform her how they insulted us? Mohan says we don’t need to. Mohan says I knew Arjun could cope with you. I realize he’s going to preserve you happy. Mira says you’ll take time to modify there. you’re world’s first-rate daughter. You need to tbe first-rate DIL too. Diya says I could be. Tell Babblu I leave out him. Babblu says I gets you a gift. I am antique now. Diya receives emotional. Arjun says don’t cry.

Dadi asks the maids to make the breakfast. She says Diya will do the ritual of creating dessert. You all need to assist her. She says will there be a ritual? Dadi says why now? Deepika says Diya doesn’t have any garments. Should I supply her my garments or those that we were given for Tina? Arjun says no. Why could Diya put on all people’s garments? i’m able to get her a saaree. Dadi says he’s going to get one. Deepika says I don’t assume maa could her do it. Dadi says she has to. Go and get Diya ready. Tell her approximately the rituals. Deepika says I will see it. Tina hears she forgot me already? I will see how she does this ritual.

Episode ends.

Precap-Madhuri says she can’t do the cooking ritual. She can handiest idiot humans. I won’t allow her input my kitchen.


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